Proverbs 31:28 Etsy Necklace giveaway from Designing4One

A sweet online friend who has a fabulous Etsy shop has offered to give away a necklace today.  Be sure to leave a comment by Monday June 16 on what you think is an important quality of a mom for your chance to win this fantastic necklace for you or a special mom you know!

etsy giveawayThis beautiful necklace is made out of a hammered vintage silverplated spoon, hammered penny charm, rhinestone cross, and brass heart, all hung on a 24′ ball chain.

The necklace is on verse Proverbs 31:28, her children rise up and called her blessed.  Sometimes it is a long time until your kids rise up and call you blessed but at least this necklace will do it for you in the mean time.  

To take a peek at the necklace in Designing4One’s Etsy store, click here.

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  1. I think one of the most important ingredients in a mom soup is forgiveness. My mom never once said “I’m sorry” for anything she said in anger. That bred a lot of resentment. I make a point to apologize when I have done wrong, to show my children that I am human. We aspire to be Christ-like, but really we are fallen. The blessing is that He gave us a blank slate to start over with every day. A do-over! Pure Genius. So I take that “I can and will do better next time” attitude and show my children by example that it’s ok to make mistakes. We apologize, we forgive each other, we learn, and we move on. That humility is huge.

  2. Selflessness. To put other’s wants/needs before your own. Moms have to practice this daily. I need to remind myself that doing for my family and others, whether noticed by them or not, IS seen by my heavenly Father and it brings a smile to his face!!

  3. Grace. For our children, our husband, and ourselves, as well as others around us. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. JOY! I think we forget in the hustle and bustle of the days, weeks, and months to show our children JOY! This is especially true of the JOY only HE can give us to shine through us to our children! Beautiful necklace, BTW:)

  5. Just showing up. Always. Be there.

    My kids are grown and I often feel like the important years are past and regret the multitude of mistakes I made. Until I remember that it’s NEVER too late with God in the picture. So I show up however I can in my kids lives now. A quick email or text. A little gift. A phone call with a funny story. Whatever. So they’ll know I’m there…. the best gift of all… the gift of me. Turns out that what I thought of as “all I have” is really the best gift of all.

  6. An important quality for a mom is being able to forgive and move on. Do not let the past tarnish today or tomorrow.

  7. I think an important quality for a mom to have is strength. Strength in sticking to rules and responsibilities at all times. Strength in standing for the moral beliefs in face of society. And strength to look out for the best for your children in every situation…to stand up for them and not back down.

  8. I have five grown children..and am currently fostering two young children…..and thinking of the times we we live in…considering its defintion and only naming just one quality, I would say the best is “an encourager!”! To encourage means to cause (our children) to feel more cheerful or hopeful. To attempt to persuade (our children) to do or support (something) in a way that shows them we believe it is very important! To spur (our children) on to make (something) more active : to cause or encourage (something) to happen or develop in there lives! To make (our children) excited or interested in something! ~

  9. I think an important quality of a mom is the be present to her children. With our busy lives I think we all miss some of the moments that our children need us the most.

  10. I think one of the most important qualities of a mother is grace…showing grace under pressure, being that steadfast example of Christ’s love to her husband and Children…and exhibiting GRACE!

  11. My prayer is for my son to come back to the Lord and for him to understand how much I love him and even more how much Jesus loves him.

  12. The ability to be consistent in your childs life. Consistent in love, faith, discipline and them just knowing they can count on you.

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