Winners of Pressing Pause!

img_3306.jpgThe winners of Pressing Pause and a bag of Biggby coffee are:

Jaime Knox

Lindsey Parker

Jill Bybee

Winners please email your home address to my assistant Sheila at along with what it is that you won. We’ll get your prize out to you as soon as we can. :-)

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  1. Karen,
    I have some questions about your book, Hoodwinked. We are thinking of doing just the DVD’s for our Moms class this Fall with the women choosing to purchase the book on their own if they wish, but not making it a requirement for the class.
    1. Can the DVD’s teachings be shown without reading the book? Or is the book absolutely necessary to go with the DVD teachings?
    2. Why are the DVD topics different that the chapters in the book?
    3. Can you provide an online link of one of your teachings?

    Linda Mayer

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