I’m back!!!!!

Well, I am back after a wonderful quick trip to Southern California to speak at a Hearts at Home Conference and to a delightful group of moms at Riverview Evangelical Free MOPS in Bonsall. My friend Trisha and I traveled together and spent lots of ‘girlfriend bonding’ time waiting for weather delayed planes to leave Chicago. Our first flight out was supposed to leave at 9:03 am and it finally took off at 3:09 pm!!!!!!! Luckily we called our friend Janee who rescued us, whisked us away to her charming home nearby where we had Starbucks coffee and visited.

Here are some pics that Trisha and my friend Karen took while we were there.


The charming Century Rose Bed and Breakfast I stayed at.


The beautiful palm trees and blue skies.


The sandy beaches and rolling waves.


The hilarious sea lions that crash on the beach at La Jolla.


Some hang gliders on the beach at sunset.

Tell me again….why did I come back to Michigan snow, ice and single digit weather??? Oh yeah… I have a husband and three kids who want dinner and can’t find their socks.

Sweet Blessings,



  1. Hi! This is Mackenzie (Karen’s Daughter, the one who wrote her new book with her) and I just wanted to let you all know that however my Mom describes herself…times it by 100! she is an amazing Mom and puts up with a ton of stuff from us. Any ways that’s all I wanted to say!…I don’t even know if any one will read this but I thought I would let you all know!
    ~1 John 4:18

  2. Karen,

    I cannot imagine snow and single digit degree weather!!!! I am such a baby in cold weather. My body just shuts down!

    Your pictures are lovely. I’m glad you had a great trip to CA. It was good to hear your voice this week when you called the office. Blessings to you!


    ***I join the 2 teenagers club in June! Where has the time gone?????

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