A Mommy Moment…..

I had a mommy moment the other day. You know, one of those times that you take a deep breath and realize how short the days really are with your children. I had taken Spencer, our nine year old, to the doctor for an allergic reaction. The appointment was uneventful. Take some Allegra and use a little hydrocortisone cream. All will be fine. It wasn’t until we had paid and were on our way out that “the moment” happened. When Spencer was asked the infamous doctor’s office question, “Would you like a sucker or a sticker young man?”, he, after a hint of hesitation, matter-of-factly replied, “No thank you.”

It was then that it hit me! After nearly 17 years of parenting, I no longer have any children who will leave the doctor’s office with Scooby or Sponge Bob attached by decal to their shirt. Nor will they lick a Dum Dum sucker to help ease the pain. Nope, it is a fact. My babies are growing up.

I drank in the moment, recalling the many stickers and suckers that my offspring have consumed over the years. Then I took my man-child out for a tall latte with caramel. His new favorite, grown up drink.

Speaking of growing up. Spencer turns ten on Monday. Oh yes….finally he will hit double digits!

kenzies-pictures-1455.jpg Kenzie and Spencer sharing a sibling moment :)

Now stop reading this blog, moms. Go love on your babies. They’ll be gone in an instant!

Sweet Blessings,



  1. Karen
    This was absolutely a fantastic story!
    I think many of us MOMS can relate to a least one time we realized that even OUR children do actually grow up. This was a special treat for me because I am these children’s…. Aunt.
    I must express that the picture is so the “kids” and mine are in their mid twenties. I can say that it has been awhile since the goofy pictures but they still bring a snicker to all of us. God has given us children and nieces and nephews to keep us young and smiling at the wonders of daily life if we keep our eyes open! Thais

  2. Loved this story! Made me go hug my boys. We have a Dr appt tomorrow morning for Andrew’s annual physical and he’s 10!! Hmm, wonder if he’ll still take the dum dums sucker? I’m with Tina. I’ll take it he doesn’t.

    Smiling when I think of you!

  3. Kim-

    Check my schedule. I am coming to GR this spring a couple times I think. I’d love to sign your book. I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  4. Karen,

    I am so enjoying your book, The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized. I wish I would have ordered it from you to get your autograph! However, I’m close (just West of Grand Rapids). Are you speaking in this area at all? Would love to hear you speak.

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