Mom’s Brain in a Binder–Ready to Order!!!!!!

Newsflash!! Okay ladies….for those of you who attended my workshops last weekend and were greatly saddened that my boys ran out of the “Mom’s Brain in a Binder” organizational tool that they were selling at my book table, you’ll be happy to know that they have made more. They were so excited to have sold out thus padding their I pod and summer church camp candy and slushy fund!! So they got right to work assembling more, complete with the sturdy, vinyl folders for your papers, not the cheap normal school ones.

So, if you would like one, please shoot me an email at [email protected] telling me so. (That way they will know approximately how many to assemble.) Then, you can pay one of two ways. Simply pop a check in the mail to me to cover the binder and shipping costs. (I’ll give you the address to send it to when I respond to your email.) As soon as your check arrives, we will get the binder out to you ASAP. Or you can give me your phone number in the email. I’ll call you to get your credit card info and then ship them the same day. We’ll send them Priority Mail and the total cost is $11.00 with shipping.

And for those of you who are sitting there wondering ,”What on earth is a Mom’s Brain in a Binder?” It is a tool to keep you on track of your tasks as a mom and to store all of your family paper—fliers, invitations, permission slips, team rosters, school schedules, church calendars, etc… You can read about it in the Simple Tools to Download section and they come with complete instructions. Check it out! It can help you to keep on top of your game.

As for me….I am still busy today calling the many moms whose expiration date for their credit card we neglected to get recorded at my book table last weekend resulting in a needed phone call. Over 80 of them! Yes, this from the woman who spoke on organization. No funny or harassing comments please! See, I told you all that no one is organized 100% of the time! In fact….uh…I did it just to illustrate that for you in a tangible way. (I wish!)

Happy Simplifying!!!!


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  1. Just think how many of those ladies will be so excited to hear your sweet voice.

    We had a mix up and Lysa called me about it, and I almost fell out of my chair. Then I started talking and it made no sense! Bless her heart she was very sweet, but I think she might have been thinking,’she needs the She Speaks’ LOL!

    You will make their day!

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