Update on Freezer Manual & Moms’ Brain in a Binder Orders and a Reminder

Attention all soon-to-be quantity cooks who ordered a Freezer Manual at the Hearts at Home conference: They have been on back order from the printer for the last two weeks but I am happy to announce that late this afternoon, half of the boxes I ordered finally arrived! Therefore, the kids and I got busy today and labeled and stuffed the shipping packages–and we’re praying that the other boxes arrive with tomorrow’s UPS shipment.

If you ordered both the Freezer Manual and The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized, they will ship in the next day or so also. And, finally, the boys are nearly out of the moms’ brain in a binders and since baseball season is soon to begin which requires a good chunk of their free time, they won’t take any more orders for now. However, if you already contacted me and I gave you my address in order to mail your check in, then you are still good to go.

And a reminder….. Keep checking back to my site for an organizational “Hop and Swap” I’ll be hosting next week in conjunction with my friend Lysa TerKeurst president of Proverbs 31 Ministries. It will be designed to help each other tackle those areas of our home that are in need of a desperate organizational overhaul. And yes…there will be a prize too! Details coming soon…

Happy Organizing!



  1. Rebecca–
    A freezer manual is a wonderful cookbook that walks you through how to become a quantity cook, putting up many main dish, side dish and desert items in your freezer for your busiest days. I sell one that my friend Nanci Slagle wrote called The Freezer Manual form 30 Day Gourmet. It is very easy to use and full of family-favorite recipes. My cooking buddy Julie and I are going to put away lots of freezer meals later this month.

  2. What is a freezer manual!?!?

    Sounds like you are a busy, busy woman this week. Many blessings to you as you go throughout the week!

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