Swing Dancing and a Swing Vote

We pushed back the coffee table, moved the sofa, secured the potted plants and ‘voila! Last night our living room transformed into a swing dance floor! Mackenzie, our 16 year old, attends homeschool classes in Grand Rapids every Wednesday morning. Since it is an hour and a half away from our town, she often stays overnight at her friend Marla’s the night before. However, she doesn’t just do this in order to avoid an early morning commute. She does it because on Tuesday evening, she goes swing dancing!

A church in that town opens up for a wonderful group of teenage young men and women to learn the proper techniques of this newly resurrected dance form from the Roaring 1920’s. Last night, she begged to give Todd and me a few lessons. Since I still knew a few moves from my college pom-pom captain days (I mean a few!) and Todd was voted best dancer of his high school—a la early 1980’s, disco, John Travolta style—you get the white-suited picture–we thought we’d give it a whirl—literally! While he and I only got down a few of the basic steps, Kenzie gave this middle-aged momma a resting break and grabbed her daddy’s hand. Together, they replicated many of the moves that she and her dance (not romance)partner can do and let me tell ya, he was flipping and flinging her like he used to when she was three, only now she is 16 and taller (but much lighter) than me! I don’t know when she will get married, but if she keeps giving her father these impromptu lessons, at the wedding the guests will see one lively daddy-daughter dance!!

Now, for the winner of the weekend’s ‘note’able challenge. I simply could not decide from the many gals who left such sweet comments telling us to whom they were going to write a handwritten note, so I had to call for back up. I let my dear husband read all of the messages left, and although it was tough, he chose one that touched his heart. So congrats to Melanie Jones. You win a pack of note cards, a Starbucks card and one of my favorite writing pens. I’ll even tuck in a little chocolate to boot. Please email me your address, Melanie, and I’ll pop this prize package in the mail!

For the rest of you, have a wonderful day in the Lord and just so this Baptist gal doesn’t get scolded for admitting she dances with her hubby in our living room, here’s a little verse for the day…

“Let them praise his name with dancing…” Psalm 149:3.

We certainly praise the Lord for a daughter who loves to dance with her daddy.

P.S. Keep checking back to my site for an organizational “Hop and Swap” I’ll be hosting next week in conjunction with my friend Lysa TerKeurst president of Proverbs 31 Ministries. It will be designed to help each other tackle those areas of our home that are in need of a desperate organizational overhaul. And yes…there will be a prize too! Details to follow…

For now, go make the most of Monday,







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  1. Hi Karen,
    I look forward to the swap. I could use your help. If you have a few minutes, I would love your input on my blog in regards to the ten struggles that Christian women face. Thank you!

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