The Birthday Report

For those of you who care to know, lowering the bar this year for my birthday was a good move because here is how the day panned out:

Mackenzie slept through her alarm and awoke late to go to Sergeant Morse’s house to run the kids to their appointment and teach them some school while Ellen went on a shopping trip with her sister for the day for a much-needed getaway. So Kenz flew out the door. No “Happy Birthday Mom!” Just “Where is my car?” Todd had taken her car to his early morning doctor’s appointment to wash it and fill it with gas. He drove in just then and she hopped in the car and drove away.

I did school with the boys in the morning. During it, Todd asked me where my lowfat cookbook was. Soon, from the kitchen came the smell of a lemon poppy seed bundt cake that we enjoyed for lunch. He got me a card and some earrings. Bonus points for hubby. However, he did make one little decision that took away those points. He left my pocketbook with our checkbook in Kenzie’s car which was now long gone and would not be returning ‘til nightfall.

In the afternoon, I ran into town (15 minutes away) to run errands and run (on the treadmill at the workout center). Then I was going to go around town to get all of my birthday freebies. In our town, you get a free KFC dinner, a pizza from Main Street Pizza, a movie rental at the video store, etc… But guess what? You need your driver’s license at all of those places to prove it is your birthday. That would be the driver’s license that was in my pocketbook that was being held hostage in Kenzie’s car. Even more bonus points removed for dear hubby. I decided to return home to work on my talk for this weekend. It was then that my computer began making serious grinding noises and freezing up, oh….every five minutes or so requiring a restart. Then the copier refused to work and I had 128 pages I needed to run off for a project the boys are working on to sell at my book table. This required a trip to
Lansing to Staples over a half hour away in order to pay to use their copy machine.

Thankfully, I had told all of you that I would have zero expectations. It really helped me to temper my reactions. I was surprisingly non-reactive! I kept remembering God waking me up that morning at the exact time of my birth and tried to be thankful for my blessedly, ordinary day; instead of grousing and mumbling about my terrible, awful, very bad, no good day. (Okay, the double tall mocha latte I treated myself to did help the situation just a little!)

Sweet Blessings,



  1. Karen,

    I so enjoy readig your blogs!! I just wanted to say I hope you had a very happy birthday. I love birthdays as well and always want a big celebration. :-) I pray that this year is your best ever and full of God’s rich blessings. Thank you for being there and so enjoy you.

    Melissa White

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