A Blast From The Past and a Coming Future Give-away!

This past week, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of women in nearby Lansing at St. Gerard’s Church. They were a delight, so friendly and encouraging and ranged from young moms to sweet Grandmas. What made it doubly fun was that I grew up near this church and a family from our neighborhood–who had ten children–attended there. As I stood there speaking, I spied the matron of the Baker clan, Mrs. Baker. (Yes, I am old enough now to call her by her first name, but my momma’s manner training has stuck with me. She’ll always be Mrs. Baker to me!)

I have so many memories of playing neighborhood kickball with some of her kids, being babysat by the older ones and her daughter Mary Jo was actually in my grade. She was friendly and sweet, the first person I was allowed to have ride in my car to school once I could drive and she was elected as homecoming queen our senior year, beating out the other nominees–which included yours truly. But I remember being happy she won. She really deserved it. She was one of those sweet, non-cliquey girls that everyone liked.

So, I took a trip down memory lane after that speaking engagement as I drove back home. Made me wonder what memories my own kids will have of the ‘Mrs.’ in their lives. They have many wonderful families that serve as godly role models to them and their own recollections of playing pick up games of sports. It isn’t usually kickball, but soccer or basketball or baseball. And I hope that someday they too will have a blast from the past when they run into one of the moms from our circle of friends.

Now on to the future…..watch for a give away coming on Monday. I’ll be hosting a blog tour by author Lori Z. Scott and giving away two copies of her children’s books from the Megan Rose series. They are laugh-out-loud fun books with just the right amount of mischief, but they will also help to point your children to God! You can check them out here.

Have a great weekend! Grab some kids for a game of neighborhood ball. You make the lemonade. They’ll make the memories!

 Sweet Blessings,


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