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Greetings all!

This is Karen’s personal assistant, Mackenzie. Normally she would be updating this but this weekend she is speaking to 178 women from Christ Community Church about how to manage your time, organize your home, and surrender your heart. So you all get to put up with me! Right now I am sitting on the patio of our room looking out at the moonlight reflecting of the waves as they crash just outside our door. It is beautiful and if you ever get the chance ya’ll should come to Ocean City Maryland! It is definetly worth it. When my mom was asked to do this retreat she thought it might be a fun girls weekend so she invited my Aunt Thais to come with us. What a good idea we are having a blast!

Let’s see our day yesterday started off at about 4:30…am. We woke up, before the sun, and drove to Flint (about an hour and fifteen minutes away from our house) to catch our plane. We then took flew from Flint to Detroit. That was only an eighteen-minute flight and when we arrived we had about an hour and twenty minutes to kill until our next flight took of for Philadelphia. This flight was a little over an hour and I’m pretty sure that my mom got a little annoyed with my aunt and I. First you must know that my aunt is the biggest kid ever. She never really grew up, and is very energetic. My brothers and I really enjoy it! When she watched us for the weekend our parents always say “Now kids keep your aunt Ty in line.” We love her! Second of all, my mom got a new MacBook and my aunt and I were fiddling with the built in camera, we were messing around making our faces twisted, enhanced, or ‘smooshed’. My mom kept telling us to be quiet and that people were looking at us but we were laughing so hard it was no use.

When we landed In Philadelphia it was a little over seventy-five degrees! Pretty warm for three Michigan gals like us. A car had been reserved for us and after snatching our luggage we continued on our way. There was only one problem, you se my mom is used to driving back roads and we were in the middle of the most congested traffic I have ever seen. AND, that was their ‘slow time’. Well long story short– we got lost about four times. We finally stopped to get directions and a suggestion for a restaurant from the Christiana City Fire Department. The man kindly told us where to go and then invited us to dinner (actually, offered to ‘rustle us up some grub’) We declined and went on our way.

I went to sleep, freezing might I add, as my Mother and Aunt, both over forty, blasted the air conditioner. In a little over two hours we were entering Ocean City. Upon arriving at the hotel we realized that we were in one of the most beautiful places along the east cost. The people here just match the scenery. They are the sweetest people ever. My mom’s new friend Deb, the retreat coordinator, is one of the most genuine women I have never meet. She is running the conference and she is doing a marvelous job of it. We have had the best food and meet the most amazing people. Speaking of which, the snack tonight is Fondu with Strawberries! YUM! I can’t wait!

I was excited to meet Marian, the worship leader, who just happened to have another guitar that she is letting me use for the weekend. (I told you guys they are amazing).

Last night my mom was introduced by sharing some random facts about herself. After that, her and I hung out while everyone else was meeting in their small groups. The rest of the night consisted of snacks and fellowship. After a little while we all agreed that we were exhausted from the trip and headed back to our room to crash. All in all it was an exciting day (even though our travel time was near eleven hours).

Today we woke up to a breathtaking sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. What a view! After getting ready we headed down to breakfast followed by morning session. My mom spoke about surrendering your heart. Her talked ended with me signing in sign language a song called Broken Things by Sylvia Lange. As soon as that was done we were given an hour of silence just be alone and reflect on what she has shared. My aunt headed for the beach my mom took the porch and I grabbed the guitar that sweet Miss. Marian lent to me and made my way to join my mother on the porch.

I sat and played for about twenty minutes until I spied three little boys standing under my balcony. They informed that they wanted to find out who was playing and that they liked my playing. For the next fifteen minutes I heard all about how they were in a rock band (and when I say little I mean like ten or eleven year olds). They sang one of their songs that went something like “Baby the way you make me feel, Baby the way you make me feel. I see it in your eyes, it looks like pies” I’m not even joking. It was great!

For lunch my mother, aunt, and I went to a place called Macky’s where we actually sat on the beach, at tables, in the sand and ate. They had amazing food as well! After we were all stuffed, and my aunt finally got her crab cakes that she had been craving since we arrived, we continued on the find some little souviners for my brothers, we ended up finding an amazing little candy shop! It had every candy you would ever think of their was a variety of salt water taffy, chocolate, fudge, hard candy, soft candy, lollipops, anything you think of it was there. I felt like I was in Mr Wonka’s factory. And of course we had to try some of it. We bought taffy and chocolates, and let me tell you they were amazing! My mom, being as disciplined as she is, only wanted half of a chocolate so after we left the store she was in the mood for something sweet. We remembered that we passed a frozen yogurt place on the way in to Ocean City so we began our search. We found it, got ice cream, and mom was happy! (Lowfat-peanut-butter-anything does that to her!)

We returned to the hotel for the rest of our down time. My aunt took a nap, I did some homework, and my mother was convinced that she needed to go run of her lunch so she worked out. After about an hour it was almost time for supper. My aunt and I went for a walk on the beach and took some pictures. We meet my mom for dinner which was: salad garnished with black olives, purple onions, and feta cheese, chicken broccoli Alfredo (My favorite!), and Tiramasu.

Once again we were stuffed! My mom and aunt went on to the night session where my mom is talking about managing your time, and I retired to the room to work on homework and update my mom’s blog.

So here I sit rocking out to Sara Groves and writing to you all. I hope I haven’t bored you all to death. I know I am no where near as good at writing as my mother but hey, I need to start somewhere. Practice makes perfects…right? Well ladies, there is chocolate fondu with strawberries calling my name! So I’m off.

Thanks for putting up with me! You will get my mom back next time.

Have a blessed day!



Here are some pics of the trip: mom and Miss Deb; me in the candy store and the endless candy counter!!

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