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As a mom, have you ever stopped to ponder just how many hats you wear in the course of one simple day? You are a maid, chauffeur, nurse, chef, secretary, coach, teacher and, at least at my house, a referee!! Sometimes keeping all of these hats straight can be a daunting task indeed.

At a recent Hearts at Home conference, I presented an encore performance of a skit I first did in 1999 entitled Hats. It chronicles one mom’s attempt to keep all of the hats in her trunk on straight and in the right order. Hearts at Home just posted this drama on You Tube so click here if you’d like to take a peek. And if you want to leave a comment, tell us what is the most difficult hat for you to sport these days. Or, if your kids are grown, the hat that you miss the most. And if you can think of another hat that we moms wear in our lives, let us know that too. I’m sure there are many more.

Now, if you are wondering if I ever found the time to finish our taxes, well, the short answer is no. You see, we received a phone call today informing us that we needed to have our house ready to show by a Realtor in a mere 24 hours and 18 minutes. (We have our house up for sale in hopes to move closer to town and to a smaller place. Oh, and we are supposed to be given at least 24 hours notice before a showing. Gee, thanks for that extra 18 minutes!!! )

Well, I quickly stashed away the piles of tax papers in my roll top desk and started cleaning the house. The boys organized the garage and swept it spick and span and then picked up the yard, now finally visible after the Michigan snow melted just a day or two ago revealing twigs and trash; assorted sports balls and formerly frozen mittens. Todd is at work and Kenzie and her friends took in a concert tonight, so the boys and I must go it alone and wait until tomorrow for reinforcement.

Oh, and I am in charge of our son’s end of the year basketball awards celebration and father-son basketball game that is tomorrow night.

Anybody know the fee for filing your tax return late? I just might need to know……

Hats off to you moms and happy weekend! Don’t forget leave a comment about your mommy hats.



P.S…….Keep checking back to my site for an organizational “Hop and Swap” I’ll be hosting next week in conjunction with my friend Lysa TerKeurst president of Proverbs 31 Ministries. It will be designed to help each other tackle those areas of our home that are in need of a desperate organizational overhaul. And yes…there will be a prize too! Details coming soon…


  1. I loved seeing the skit. I first saw a skit like this done back around 1986 by Anabel Gilham of Lifetime Guarantee Ministries. I loved it then, I love it now.

    Yours is awesome. I have often talked of all the hats I wear…some days my head hurts from all the hats.

    Have a blessed day,

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