A Burning Candle, a Smooth Stone and a Prayer

When I began blogging around the first of the year, I told you of an idea that I was going to try in order to promote family prayer. You can read about it here.

I just thought I’d let you all know how that idea has played out in our life. Early this morning, Mackenzie left for play practice at the homeschool academy she attends. Next week they are performing the play The Lady With the Lamp and Kenz is portraying Florence Nightengale. As I told her good-bye, I executed all of the usual motherly duties—made sure she took something for lunch, reminded her to drive safe and watch for deer, etc.., I also lit a candle and grabbed a stone with her name on it. This hands on practice has really helped me to become more proactive in praying for my hubby and kids. In fact, we were laughing the other day because the names of the members of our family are starting to rub off of the stones because of all of the rubbing in our pockets!

Perhaps you will want to try this idea at home too. Or tweak it and make it your own. I bought most of my supplies on clearance at Hobby Lobby and the entire project cost less than $12.00. A small price to pay for the tangible results it has brought to my prayer life.

If we aren’t praying for our family members, who is?

Sweet candle-burning, smooth-stoned blessings,



  1. Karen,

    What a great idea. I love the “hands on” approach to prayer. I’d like to think up my own version. As soon as I do I’ll let you know.

  2. Hey friend. Just checking up on you since I was online. What a great idea. I just had a thought. It would be neat to have each of our kids pick out their own stone or rock they find to use. It would be great to still use these same stones twenty years from now. What memories! (Didn’t we write a book about this!) Thanks for the great visual idea for praying for our children. Hope to talk with you soon, between all the baseball games!

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