Mother’s Day Week Reflections and the Winning Moms!

Whew!!!!! That is all I can say after this past week. Kenzie’s cast at the homeschool academy put on a fabulous play three nights running. That was AFTER two days of tearful and tense final rehearsals when they thought it would never come together. She was so whipped when it was over that this normally early rising teen slept ‘til past noon on Saturday which, minus a day-after-slumber-party-or-two, I don’t think she has ever done!

Todd’s mom and sister came for a quick but fun two day visit during the play. I spoke to a wonderful group of moms at St. Mary’s Church in Milford on Thursday morning and then we held our garage sale on the weekend. The garage sale that I didn’t have time to get ready for until 24 hours before!!! Thankfully, my mom stayed overnight and rescued me. I hauled stuff out and she priced it. Glad it is over. We made a little extra cash, but it was the kids who really cleaned up! If they price their own items and help, they keep the loot. (Although, if they sell clothes, they must buy more clothes with the profit.)

Yesterday was a rainy Mother’s Day, but probably my best one ever. Neither Todd nor the kids bought me anything. Yep. You heard me. No card, no gift, no dinner out. They went a different route this year.

Last night, Todd gathered everyone in the living room just as if we were going to do a Bible Study or Family Time Training fun devotion as we often do. Instead, he had crafted his own clever lesson. He read some fun trivial mom facts that he had found on the Internet stating actions that famous moms did for their kids—the mothers of presidents, writers and even Elvis for crying out loud! Then he had the kids come up with a list of all the things their mom does for the family.

In about 2 minutes, the list was nearly 30 items long and included the typical cooking, cleaning, and driving tasks and some unique responses like Spencer’s “Walking.” When we questioned him on that he said, “You know, like when mom is in the kitchen and we are in the living room and we say, ‘Hey, can you bring me a glass of water?’ and she does it. (Apparently he doesn’t remember all of the times I answer that request with, “And when did you contract Polio? Get it yourself!” )

Then dad had them list all of the things that mom does for herself.

Moment of silence. A few murmurings of, “ummm……well…..let’s see…..she uh…..uh…..”

It took them twice as long and they could only come up with 7 items. (And actually, two of them were things mom does for her friends or readers and listeners, not really for herself but—shhhhh!)

Next, he placed me in a chair in the middle of the room, got out a pitcher of warm water, a bowl and a towel. Then Todd and each child took turns pouring water over my feet–old fashioned foot washing style– as they said “Thank you mom for……” and added one task I do specifically for them or a character quality they see in me. To think that they see through all of my failures and flubs as a mom and notice the good was too much for me to handle!!! They could have done without the pitcher of water as enough tears fell from my eyes to fill the small basin! Especially when I know that Mackenzie has a foot phobia. She can’t stand to touch anyone’s feet. (And she wants to take cosmetology someday. Doing pedicures should be interesting!)

After drying my feet, they gathered around and took turns praying for me. When it came to my daughter, she said… “I am thankful God that for the first15 years of my life I had a great mom.  For the last two she has also become my friend.” Okay….by then I was putty, never appreciated my children more and fell in love all over again with my college sweetheart. This man is amazing. (Okay—so ask me a different day and I will also tell you how forgetful he is, how he can never find his wallet or keys, how he eats food in the middle of the night when he returns home from his shift—food that I was planning on using for dinner the next day, like entire hunks of cheese, uses the last check in the checkbook without telling me and all of the other normal marriage stuff that couples often bicker about. But this time, his armor was gleaming!)

It was wonderful. Hey–and no gifts to return because they were the wrong size!!!

Okay….now on to you moms who left comments last week in an attempt to win one of three copies of Cindy Dagnan’s book Who Got Peanut Butter on my Daily Planner?   After our family time last night, we read through all of the funny stories and great recipes that were sent in. Each child chose one winner from the peanut butter stories and recipes and then hubby Todd drew random numbers out for the two Hearts at Home Just for Moms Planner winners. And the winners are….

For the books, Spencer, our peanut-butter freak who loves to whip up concoctions in the kitchen, choose Darla since he thought the giant peanut butter balls made with dad sounded like a hit to him!

Mitchell, our resident hunter picked Ellen P.  and her recipe and story about the squirrel eating the open face pb sandwiches, although I don’t think you’d be pleased with what he would have done to that pesky squirrel! Can you say “Hasenpfeffer?” I knew you could.

Mackenzie had the toughest time and wavered back and forth between a few. A budding writer, she finally selected Lindsey for her cleverly written and comical retelling of the peanut-butter molten cake disaster.

So you three ladies, email Cindy Dagnan at [email protected]. She’ll sign your book and ship it out to you right away!

Then, for the planners….the lots fell to Karen (peanut butter pie recipe and funny missions trip story) and Jessica (deluxe chocolate marshmallow bars recipe) Congrats! You gals email me at [email protected] and I’ll mail those out to you too. The planners are undated so you can begin using them in any month and refills are available for future use.

Keep posted for other give-aways to come later this month and a few marriage ones in June.

Have a wonderful day!

Give-away blessings,


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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this give-away. And, thank you Mitchell for choosing my story. I have to say, my husband and son are right there with you on the squirrel and hunting. :)

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