Weight Loss Poll Results and a Cyber Tea Party with a New Friend

Okay already!!!!! I get the picture! It isn’t just my friend Marybeth who’d like a little info on how God worked a weight loss miracle in my life. Well sweet cyber friends, I am more than happy to oblige! I’ll do my part, but you’ll have to do yours.

So here is the deal: First, you have to pray that I finish the book proposal I am working on by the end of the Memorial Day weekend. My hubby has Thursday-Monday off and we are just hanging out at home, so it should be doable. However, we are also close to securing a deal on the sale of our home and are looking for a good deal on a new one, which also takes up time. If these two activities don’t burn up all my time, I’ll be able to get that proposal done. Please pray for all of the details involved in both.

Then, my plan is to use next week to post about my weight loss journey. I’ll cover what foods I ate (and still eat) on one day; my exercise routine on another; scriptures that were helpful on yet another and I’ll also talk about how I found out just how many calories I should be eating each day. So, if all goes well, that is how next week will shape up. If not, I’ll try to do it sometime in June.

Now, for my new friend. I encourage you to hop on over to a wonderful website that my new cyber-friend Mari Helms owns. It is located at www.teaandtraditions.com. She is currently hosting an interview with me on her blog www.teaandtraditions.blogspot.com about my book A Life that Says Welcome. Mari has a passion for encouraging hospitality through hosting others for tea. Her site carries many fabulous and unique teas and other related products. Check it out and leave a comment. You might just win a prize!! Also, stay tuned as I will be hosting an interview with Mari here on my site soon. She’ll be generously giving away three different tea package prizes perfect for enjoying on a summer day.

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to thank a soldier or veteran when you see one!

Beginning-of-summertime blessings,



  1. Walking is great. It is how I started and I even then worked up to running 2 miles. I have fallen a bit off of the bandwagon and am back to walking. I also love going on the elliptical at the gym. It makes me sweat and huff and puff so much faster than walking.

  2. I wouldn’t as a rule comment to someone’s blog however I liked this post so I felt forced to do so. Straying off topic slightly, what are your views about walking? Which is generally being put forward as the best exercise to burn fat.

  3. I’m at the same spot you described you were in before you made your life change with your diet and I am desperate to hear more. My doctor once told me that most people will not make a change in their life until something like a heart attack happens. Thank you for sharing what you have and I’m hopeful for more.

  4. Karen,
    What an inspiration you are! I would certainly be interested in your story and how I might implement those same disciplines in my own life. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your story! Thank you for being willing to share this with others.

    Warm Regards~ Frostie

  5. I would absolutely be interested in your info about your weight loss!
    Thank you in advance for your time!

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