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**You still have a chance to win a copy of Work @ Home by Glynnis Whitwer. Details below. And, if you are just joining us, scroll down to see part one of this post about making the transition to working at home. 

How wonderful to see the interest from so many of you who either already work at home or have dreams of doing so. Glynnis just returned from a family vacation and I twisted her arm to see if she might offer a few more words of wisdom on his topic while addressing some of the comments that have been left thus far. So, below is part two of this interview with Glynnis Whitwer, author of the practical book Work @ Home. There is still time to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing to win a copy of this how-to book! Just tell us your greatest challenge of working at home or why you would like to begin a home based business. The winner will be announced at the end of the weekend.

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Words of Wisdom from Glynnis


It’s great to see the interest in working at home.  I love it!  I have two thoughts I’d like to share that might help you navigate this often-overwhelming world of working at home. 

1 – If you are currently working outside the home, you do not need to make the same amount working from home.  One of the first things to do is a cost-of-work analysis.  Basically, you need to figure out what it costs you to work outside the home, then deduct that from your net income.  This is what you really need to make from home.  In fact, it’s probably even less because you will likely have a bit more time to save money on things like food (using coupons, planning menus, etc).  In fact, you might need to make substantially less than you do right now.

2 – Find an income-producing method that fits your personality.  For example, let’s say you love to cook.  You might consider selling Pampered Chef items.  But if you don’t like to sell to your friends and family, or are uncomfortable speaking to groups, then you probably won’t be very successful.   But what if you took that love of cooking, and started  a home-based business making unique cookie bouquets for gifts.  Then you could design a flyer and hand it out to all the local businesses in your area.  You might start a website and figure out how to ship the product.   To be successful you have to find a way to make money that is a good fit for your spiritual gifts, personality and lifestyle.   This might involve doing an honest self-evaluation about your strengths and weaknesses, and going from there.  If you don’t have an entrepreneurial streak, then you might want to tele-commute. 

The options for working at home are growing by leaps and bounds.  Don’t assume there’s only one path for you.  Ask God to direct your footsteps, do your research and bathe this process in prayer.  I’m confident God has a wonderful plan for you.

If you want to check out some websites that list legitimate options for working at home, here are a few:

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Now, remember to leave a comment if you want to be entered in the drawing to win a copy of  Glynnis’ book Work @ Home. 


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  2. I’m fortunate to have done the kind of work that easily transfers to home (recruiting). I’d hoped to be able to wait another year or two before putting serious energy into it, but with the state of things it looks like it needs to be sooner rather than later. I’d love to have more suggestions on how to make it work with little ones at home though.

  3. Hi Karen and Glynnis,
    I am interested in working at home. My husband and I have been praying about this for quite awhile. My husband presently drives over 100 km each day to his job at the other end of the City. (We leave in Toronto, Ontario). He used to work at home but when the company ownership was changed, all the remote people were moved back to the office. The price of gas has gone through the roof here (equivalent to about $5.00 per gallon) so we are both looking for alternatives. I have always been interested in working at home, my heart is there and we are both being led to make this change. Your book would really help us and I look forward to reading about your great ideas. I have always loved writing and have been praying for the Lord for His wisdom in this area. Thank you and God Bless both of you.
    Your sister to the North,
    Teresa :)

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