We Interrupt This Move….

Okay. The timer is ticking and I am taking a quick 5-minute break to update you on the move….

Now 2/3 packed. Borrowed a cube truck last night and snagged a few college and high school guys from church and homeschool sports to help move “medium heavy” furniture and boxes. My sister-in-love Thais came and wrapped up all my pretties—china hutch stuff, dishes, etc…. Mitch is safe at church camp and returns home Monday to a double header game waiting for him. Kenzie will fly home this afternoon from my friend Lysa’s. Todd will trek two hours away to Detroit to get her and look at a few appliances listed on Craig’s list. (Did I mention this house has no appliances or window treatments?) Spencer has a ballgame tonight. Three Men and a Truck (they are sending an extra guy due to piano) arrive Friday afternoon to take the really heavy stuff.

We must be out by Tuesday.

Can tell my blogging friends, nearby friends, relatives, in-laws and out-laws are praying, along with my sweet speaker evaluation group from last weekend’s She Speaks conference.

How do I know?

I am still not freaking out!!!!

Bless you all!!!!




  1. Karen,
    I’m glad that God has answered your prayers and you are moving. I read your devotional today, how appropriate!
    I do mask the pain of disappointment by seething under my skin as I have a smile on my face. Thank for helping us, women, to understand that God knows our needs better than we know them ourselves. Contentment in whatever circumstance that we face, that’s what God is teaching me through my own disappointment which leads to envy and jealousy. I sometimes find myself asking the questions, why me?
    He disciplines those that He loves! Thank you for refocusing my perspective to ask those hard questions; what is God trying to teach me through this?


  2. I have been so encouraged by your honest ,simple but hard road to fittness. Thank you for giving me the desire to seek God, instead of going to the fridge. In Him Val

  3. Read your “Envy” post on “Encouragement for Today”…thanks for your transparency. It has given me food for thought…and a sigh of relief that I am not the only one who struggles with such things.

    God bless you on your move…

    a sister in the LORD from Mich.

  4. Karen,
    I am glad you are making headway, and I am so glad you are still not freaking out. You are doing so good. It is July 1st today, are you in yet, or should I say are you completely out of your old house? I am lifting you up. Stay calm and focused.

  5. Karen,
    You and Marybeth… I’m praying for both of your moves to go smoothly. I don’t know how you do it all.

    I too was blessed so much by your message on Saturday and have actually had several conversations with friends this week about contentment and comparison. I could hear some of your words echoing in my ears. Thanks for being obedient and sharing your heart.

    Will check back on you soon.

  6. Awww…I loved being part of your sweet speaker evaluation group. Thanks so much for all your encouragement.

    And I’m loving your book. That was such a sweet surprise. Thank you!

    Praying for your move!

  7. Hey Karen,

    Give me a call if you need anything. I would offer my hubby to help move stuff but he’s out of state for work.

    Carson is at camp too. So I’ll probably see you on Monday.

    I can’t wait to catch up with you and hear all about NC! Did you enjoy some sweet tea for me?

    Love you!

  8. Karen,

    I am so glad that your moving is going well. I pray for the travels of your children, as the return to the nest. In reading the comment from Keli and I too was so moved by you session on Saturday. I love how God uses our trials to bless others. I know that when I hold too tight of the lesson he teaches me I rob others of his greatness.
    Where are you moving to? Is it far from where you are now?
    God Bless,

  9. Karen,
    Good luck with your move!

    I wanted to tell you how much your talk on Saturday morning spoke to me. It sure seemed like a topic most of the women in the audience could relate to.

    This morning, God put the truth of your talk on my heart. I so needed a reminder to be content with WHO I am and WHAT God’s purposed for my life, whether it’s a little or a lot.

    As a result, you inspired my blog today. If you want, you can view it at http://www.awesomegodordinarygirl.blogspot.com.

    Blessings and prayers,

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