54, 55, 56….

The back deck is stacked high with boxes waiting to be broken down. One shower curtain is up and functional and serving the five of us well (and the three extra teens we had sleeping over last night before Kenzie headed out to another mission project today.) We dine on paper plates piled high with yummy food from faithful friends and polish it off with brownies delivered by sweet, new neighbors. Hammers fly and buzz saws scream in the basement chomping away at raw wood that will soon transform into bedrooms for two eager (and somewhat patient) teens. In the mean time, three kids share one bedroom, just like in the olden days. They were 2, 5 and 9 then. Now they are 17, 13 and 10!  Our garage resembles a cardboard and Rubbermaid rubix cube. Can’t get to that from here. Must shuffle. And climb. And hope.

And I am exhausted!

But we are in and making headway.

Todd goes back to work tonight. Our second son leaves for his turn at camp in the morning. Kenz won’t be back til week’s end. Mitch and I will keep unpacking.

Boxes, boxes, everywhere.


Sweet cardboard blessings,




  1. This is my first visit to your website and it will not be my last. I’ve enjoyed reading it. Very nice to meet you.

    I hope your move/unpacking continues to go smoothly.



  2. Karen,

    I have a great idea to recycle your cardboard and truly make it ‘Sweet Cardboard Blessing”. God will use whatever we give Him. Don’t you just love Him!
    B His Girl

  3. It is so good to know that your move went so well! How is it waking up in a new house? I hope you are enjoying it in the midst of all the work of moving in to it. You are in my prayers!

  4. Hang in there Karen! You know that I’m praying for you. Let me know if you need anything, k? How’s the Panera bread & bagels? Did Todd share the brownie with you or did he hog it all to himself? :)


  5. Hey there Karen,

    I am so glad to hear that at least the essentials of life are being taken care of. It is good to hear the humor of the move through your writing.
    I actually went to look at new housing today. For I fear the divorce is really happening. The memories of staying here may be too much. I am not making any decisions for a year. However looking get the nerves off my back.
    God Bless,

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