More From the Land of Boxes….

Time for another five-minute update.

Not that everyone out in cyberspace woke up this morning just dying to get the latest word from the Ehmans! I just feel like I have been so silent and so many of you have been entirely faithful and sweet to pray for me and my family, that I simply must give you the latest. I really am not at a place in my life to be able to answer individual emails, though I sure wish I had the time!! God continues to prompt me to live what I say my priorities are- God, Todd, kids, other family members, Proverbs 31 Ministries, nearby covenant friends, THEN cyber-friends.

Oh boy….you don’t know how tempting it is just to skip right down the list to the cyber-friends, steal away with my laptop to a quiet coffee shop and connect, connect, connect.

However, my Bible study lies open. My house is begging not only to be unpacked, but after living here a week, cleaned too! My boys are hungry. Mackenzie and I need some one-on-one mom/daughter time and I need to go visit my parents and keep up with the in-laws and out-laws. However, for a minute or two, I’ll answer some questions from comments and emails here while I wait for troops to rouse and want their grub!

Here is the scoop:

We moved about 15 miles south of our old house, which was north of town, in the country, toward the middle of nowhere. This one is just south of town and in one of only a few subdivisions in our area. Most of our town is, well……town. You know, quaint city streets with very small lots and homes 16 feet apart. The rest is country. Farms and such.

We lived in town for the first 19 years of our marriage and through 14 years of parenting. Then we were hicks for 2 ½ years. Now here we are in a sub. So far, so good. Quiet. (Although all three of our kids haven’t been home at the same time except for one day, so that may change when Mitch and Spence want to cook up something totally boy to do.) Friendly neighbors. 1.2 miles from the grocery store. I was nearly 15 minutes away from picking up any necessitates before. That seems nice. And cheaper with the cost of gas these days.

Oh, and this home is roughly half the square footage of our old home. And has much less land. Our old place had about 8 acres. This place has a regular subdivision lot. And, we left behind beautiful woods to hunt in. And a pond. And a creek. And a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub. And a big two-story custom built house with lots of “pretty”.

Why? Well, the short answer is because God told us to.   

The long answer?

Coming soon.

Sweet down-sizing blessings,



  1. We also down-sized almost two years ago and while I miss my large house and being out in the country, there are many blessings.

    Happy unpacking,


  2. Hey Karen!
    I met you briefly at She Speaks, I am the co-director of Real Beauty Makeover: 2008 that we are having with Shari!! Whoo Hoo! Would you like me to send some posters and info?
    If so, just let me know!
    Mary :)

  3. Karen,

    I live on a 70 acre farm and my husband and I built this house 22 years ago. It is where our children have carved their memories of childhood. I sat out on my deck the other night and watched the horses grazing. I thought about the beauty God had created here and how much I love it. It rips my heart into the know that I have to make a decision to fight for it or leave. I feel God telling me to leave it to my divorce seeking husband. Please help me pray for right direction for my kids and my memories and peace.
    By the way I am in cyber space and care that you write.

  4. Hey Karen,
    Thanks for the update. I think with everything going on, it is neat that you can focus on the important things. Who needs what and in what order. Great job.

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