Slimming Down This Summer

Welcome to those of you who have made your “weigh” here (pun intended) via the current issue of the P31 Woman magazine. At Proverbs 31 Ministries, we have been featuring a different speaker on the cover of each issue along with an article written by her. I was up for this August and chose to write about my 100 + pound weight loss. If you missed the series of posts I did on this, click on May 2008 in the side bar and get caught up. I did a week- long series in late May that started with the post American Idle.

Now, I will make good on my promise to write more on this topic. Since it is summer, I thought we could start off with sharing a few things via the handy-dandy comment feature.

First, I want to hear from any of you who have determined to tackle this issue in your life. Perhaps you read the original series of posts. Maybe God nudged you through the P31 article. Perhaps you watched my 700 Club clip from last year. Maybe you have stumbled here by accident and are sick and tired of being sick, overweight and tired. Whatever the reason, leave a comment letting us know what you hope to gain by losing your excess weight. Is it stamina? Playtime with your kids? Better health? Normal size clothing? A renewed sense of confidence rather than shame? What change do you hope for in your life?

Secondly, what summertime favorites have you found that help you to stay on the fit and healthy bandwagon? For meals and for snacks, what do you eat? Here are some of my summertime favorites:

For breakfast:

·Melon and some yogurt sprinkled with a little low-fat granola. My favorite brand of yogurt is Weight Watchers. Key Lime Pie and Amaretto Cheescake are divine!

·      Two hard boiled, grain-fed eggs and a big, sweet orange

·      A whole wheat bagel with some light vegetable cream cheese

·      Some Egg Beaters, scrambled with a few slices of turkey bacon

For Lunch:

·      Romaine lettuce, a pouch of tuna, some bacon bits, Almond Accents (honey roasted favor) and light French dressing

·      Some leftover grilled chicken rolled in a whole wheat tortilla with some lettuce, dill pickle slices and light honey mustard dressing

·      Some leftover taco meat (ground turkey or ground sirloin) on lettuce with tomato, a few black olives, shredded lowfat sharp cheddar cheese, light sour cream, salsa and some crushed baked Doritos on top.

·      Two white-meat smoked turkey hotdogs rolled in a whole wheat tortilla with lots of spicy mustard, onion and relish with a side of fruit or baked Ruffles sour cream and cheddar cheese chips

For snacks:

·      Frozen grapes

·      A banana with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter

·      A Grannny Smith Apple with a small slice of parmesan cheese

·      Baby carrots with light ranch dressing

·      Fresh blueberries with vanilla low-fat yogurt

·      Celery with light cream cheese or natural peanut butter

·      Pickled beets plain—really!!!

·      A snack size bag of light microwave popcorn with some sun tea made from herb tea. (Raspberry Zinger and Lemon Zinger are my favorites)

For dinner I just have a very small portion of whatever my family is having. AND, I have some dark chocolate EVERYDAY!!!!!!

Now your turn…….what do you eat in the summer and why do you want to commit to dropping some unwanted pounds?

We want to know!!!

Sweet Summertime Blessings,



  1. Good job!! You are providing all time favourite foods. Food with natural ingredients and Protein and Carbohydrates are really helpful to maintain a healthy diet.

  2. Good advice. I really slacked off w/ the exercise when I was pregnant w/ the first two. What a concept! Exercise while pregnant! lol. We’ll listen to God and keep you posted :)

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