A few pics

Here are a few pics I was able to upload. Can’t figure out how to resize the others.  I’ll ask a teen later!  s640520973_1117828_6790.jpgThe hills in West Virginia               s640520973_1117931_7255.jpgMy boys in their glory because after 12 hours in the car, I let them buy one of those horrible energy drinks I never want them to have.                 s640520973_1117934_8209.jpgKenz with Ashleigh and Rebecca Whalen. Cute, cute…                s640520973_1117937_9168.jpgKenz and Ash soaking up the sun.


  1. Karen

    Love your blog!

    I came over from Mary Beths blog to check out the pictures of the vacation.

    Glad you all got there safely!

    Tell the girls Hi and give them hugs from me!

    Praying you have a sweet relaxing time!


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