Random Observations from a Michigan Gal

Okay…so here are some random observations this Midwestern gal has made about southern folk after being on the ocean in North Carolina for two days:

People are severely soft drink-challenged in their vocabulary. They think everything is a Coke. They ask, “Do you want a Coke?” and then, if you answer “yes” they proceed to ask you what kind. “Pepsi, root beer, 7-up, Mountain Dew?”  Hello!!?? If I say I want a Coke, I mean a Coke. You know. Red can, traditional lettering, the whole nine yards. They only follow-up question that should be allowed when one answers yes to the Coke offer is “Regular or Diet?” Learn to say, “Would you like a soda?-(or a ‘soft drink’ or even a ‘pop’, for crying out loud!!!)””


People have different personal thermostats than us ‘normal’ humans from the north. It rained most of yesterday and was not blistering, boiling hot and humid. It was just nice. You know, short sleeve and Capri weather with a little moisture falling from the sky. For the love of Pete!!!! You’d think there was a Canadian cold front coming in. The natives broke out the sweaters and sweatshirts and complained in the grocery store about how COLD it was. Correction. It was not cold. It was cool. Nice. Temped. The perfect day for curling up with a good book. (Which I did) Get over it people. You haven’t experienced cold until you come from where I come from. I’ll invite you all up next February when it is 20 below zero with a wind chill of 40 below. Bring both your cute sweater AND your toasty sweatshirt.


Speaking of the grocery store…….. did you notice it is a two word phrase!!!  The proper way to let someone know that you need to run out to get some milk is to say “I am going to the GROCERY STORE” not “I am going to the GROCERY” Where I come from, grocery is an adjective not a noun. And what is this y’all stuff? And ahem….sweet Ashleigh… you said the plural form of y’all is ‘all y’all’???????!?!?! What?!?!?


People think turn signals are optional here.  They are not!!! Use your stinkin’ blinker!! Otherwise I just might ram this big, ole’ Michigan-made Buick into your hiney!! (Okay..so it was just one driver that happened to be in front of me…..I’ll not use my car as a weapon!)


Okay, I am done. And I am just attempting to be slightly funny.

Truth is…WE ARE HAVING A GREAT WEEK!!!!! Marybeth’sAnnaliese is feeling better. (It was croup) Our combined 8 kids are hanging out and having fun, even with an entire day of rain yesterday. I am getting lots of time to read and talk to God. And, I’m getting a little time to catch up on some writing. And I miss my husband TERRIBLY and am so glad I married him. I mention that because when I left, I wanted to put him on Ebay with no reserve!!! (trying to move to a house half the size of our old one, finish a basement and live out of boxes for 6 weeks straight does funny things to your view of your husband. You start to see him as the problem, not the situation as the problem.) Now I miss that handsome man like crazy!!!!

Will try to post more pictures soon.

Sweet Southern-tolerating Blessings, (Actually, I love y’all!!!! ;-) We just may move down here!!!)




  1. Hi. You obviously are in another part of N.C. than where I live and grew up. The y’all thing I can agree with, however, a Coke is always a Coke to me, most everyone I know uses a signal, and I go to the gocery store. I guess all parts of the south are different and use diferent slang as do the northerners. I hope you have enjoyed your beach trip. I was inspired by your diet/recipe tips. Laura

  2. Too funny! I’m a Mississippi native, and all the things you mentioned are true. It’s amazing. I went to a reunion with some people from “up north” once a year for a few years and our language patterns are so different. You are a jewel for being there for Marybeth through all this. I’m glad her little one is doing better and ya’ll, um, you all, are having a great time!

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