The Ocean Breeze

Yippeee!!!! After 16 hours and 17 minutes of family bonding time across 5 state lines in my daughter’s 1999 Buick LaSabre….we are finally here!!!

Yep, right now I am on the screened in porch, breathing in the ocean breeze, munching on crisp, green grapes and getting caught up on emails. The trip was relatively uneventful, with only one major family feud somewhere in the backwoods of Virginia about the temperature of the air conditioner. And there was the time or two I gasped when Kenzie took the corners a little too fast for my blood in the hills of West Virginia. (I thought I’d surely see Jesus!!) Other than that, the trip was great. We spent the last 45 minutes in the dark on a winding road leading to the ocean front making up our own version of the song “I wanna be inside your heaven” with our new words…”I wanna be with the Whalens” and laughing until our sides split.

The only bummer is that Marybeth’s 2-year-old daughter is very sick with an ear infection and clinging to mom. Neither of them has slept for the past two nights. Please pray that she feels better. Marybeth and I had some mom projects we wanted to work on but she has her little girl in her arms constantly trying to sooth her pain.

Took all 7 kids to the beach this morning. Will post pictures once Kenzie shows me how. Bye for now!

Sweet Sandy-toed blessings,


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  1. Hi karen,
    I hope everyone is having fun and that the little one is getting better. I laughed when I read your post about the feud, somwhere in VA…it had to be close to my home…there is ALWAYS a feud w/ my kids and we live in VA..ha!
    Have a safe trip home…I know its a long one..I have family in Michigan. Did you go to the Outer Banks?

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