On Harvest and Heartache

Hi all—

Just a note to give my plug for the movie Fireproof that opens this weekend. It is from the same folks who brought us Facing The Giants and my friend Lysa has already previewed it and said it is fabulous. It is on the topic of troubled marriages and God’s ability to restore them so you just might want to check it out. For more info, or to locate a showing near you visit http://www.fireproofthemovie.com/.

Well, we are looking forward to one of our favorite weekends of the year. Our dear, decades’ long friends, the Jim and Debi Davis family, hold their annual fall Harvest Party this Saturday. What started out as a small party for some young homeschool children to celebrate God’s bounty has evolved into a HUGE, church-wide, county-wide, why even state-wide shin dig complete with games, hayrides, touch football, sand volleyball, the big red barn main stage entertainment, a hot dog roast/potluck and, best of all, a square dance! A couple romances even got their start at this event resulting in some mighty fine weddings!!! My kids actually look forward to this almost as much as Christmas. At best count, over 700 people descend on this family’s sesquicentennial farm each fall from all walks of life.

If you remember, could you pray for this year’s Harvest Party? You see, last year one of the teens who was headed to the party from a few hours away, having made friends with many of the teens from our town through summer church camp, ran a stop sign just six miles from the party killing both himself and his brother. This year part of the main stage music will honor the memory of Josh and Tim Schrauger. They were godly young men who loved the Lord and impacted MANY lives. And their parents had many other struggles, including another son who was injured in Iraq and many financial difficulties in our Michigan economy. You can read more about it here. http://www.oakgov.com/house/tragedy/

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you too thank God for the wonderful Harvest we enjoy each year. Sometimes we so overlook the small things—things we take for granted—like not wondering where our next meal will come from due to famine in our land.

Today, stop and thank God for the basic necessities of life. Most importantly, for the indescribable gift of His Son who gives us all new life. If you want this new life and are certain you have it or are curious about what it means, read more about a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus here.

We never know when our earthly life, like the lives of these two sweet teens, just might soon be over. Don’t wait. 

Great Harvest Blessings,



  1. Thank you, Jennifer! You kindness and thoughtful comments touched my heart! I continue to be amazed at how Satan uses the Internet for evil, but God uses it even more for good–to connect His own to each other.
    Blessing! Karen

  2. Such a great post…and what an amazing story on the Shcrauger family. Thanks for the link. We will certainly keep them in our prayers and will try to help with their new home. So glad you share –


  3. Oh wow… I hadn’t even heard of that movie. I loved Facing the Giants, it has special meaning to me. Anyway, the trailer to that movie looks awesome. Will definitely see it.

    How sad about the two boys who passed away last year. Prayers will be said for them & everyone at the Harvest Party.

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