Tears of Joy!!!

Okay folks….. Now I have been known to be rather sentimental. I cry at sad movies;  get choked up at sorrowful stories; Why I’ve even been know to tear up over a heart-warming commercial, for crying out loud.

But you’ll never guess what brought me to tears just last night……..

We can park our cars in the garage for the first time since we moved in!!!! Praise Jesus!!!!

Yep, we moved July 1st. Finished the basement and moved the second half of our belongings–which had been stacked to the garage rafters–in over Labor Day. Held our huge down-sizing garage sale last week. Now….oh what a delight….that car-holding building is finally cleared out!!! The only things now gracing our garage are a rack of shoes and four recycle bins!!!!  Everything else lawn-and-gardeny is in the pole barn outbuilding. Everything that belongs in the house is—actually in the house!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Sorry to get carried away, but it sure thrills my soul.

Another thrill to my soul happened this morning. Seventeen year old Mackenzie landed the lead in the Homeschool Performing Arts musical The Sound of Music. I found out early this morning and quickly whipped up a crisp apple strudel for breakfast. (Okay…it was a whack-open can of apple turnovers from the grocery store!!!!) I had them ready and waiting on a glass pedestal plate along with the cast list. She is pumped. Especially because all of her friends (whose arms she twisted to try out) made the cast too!

It has been a good day. Now…I feel just days away from being actually settled and back to a routine. Then I can hop on more to tell our moving story and post some of the contests I have waiting for you all. And I want to hear from those of you who are trying to lose weight after our chatting last May. Lots to catch up on……

Once I go get groceries and write the bills!!!! 

Sweet car-parking blessings,



  1. Ahhh…it’s the little things like parking IN the garage isn’t it? We’re not hard to please! :) I am so excited about Kenz getting the lead!!!! What a great production that will be.

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