Pronoun Protest

Okay… nothing earthy shaking is on my mind to post today. Can I just air a pet peeve???

Ahem…my dear family—especially my offspring—would you STOP speaking in pronouns?!?!?!

“Hey mom….what is this?” (spoken to me from around the corner. I cannot see what you are holding in your hand, sweet child. TELL me what this is!!!)

“Moooom…..who put that there?” (What where? I do not have eyes in the back of my head!!! Use a real word. A noun or two perhaps. Like…”Who put my baseball glove on the coffee table?”)

“Hey…he cannot do that. Tell him to stop!” (Again spoken from a room away. Which him is him? What in tar nation is HE doing?)

Please….you children are killing me here. Contrary to popular belief, we moms cannot see all and know all. That is God’s job.

STOP using pronouns please!!!!

Rant over.

Pronoun-protesting blessings,


(See—isn’t that annoying. It should say Karen, not HER!!!) 

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