The Year of the Bible

Have you ever vowed to finally get serious about reading the Bible only to fall off the consistency bandwagon after a few days? For many, it starts with a New Year’s resolution to read through the entire Bible in a year. Others have done it, so why can’t we?

Well, if you want to make 2009 the year you actually read God’s word in it’s entirety, check out the wonderful God-filled story that happened recently to us at Proverbs 31 Ministries. It all started with my dear Proverbs 31 sister and fellow speaker Wendy letting us in on a tool that helped her read the Bible in a year and in chronological order from an easy to understand translation.  Our president Lysa tells this fabulous story and its God-filled results here.

If God is nudging your heart to do the same in 2009, you can order this great Bible at Proverbs 31 by clicking here. Our family is getting a copy for Christmas. I’m not sure if Todd and I will keep it on the night stand to each read next year or if we’ll make it part of our family time devotions and read it out loud together. Either way, I am sooooo pumped to find this resource!! Thank you Wendy!!!!

Sweet Bible-loving (and reading) blessings,



  1. I used this Bible a few yrs ago and it was great. Thank you for the inspiration. As a mom to a 1 year old w/ another one on the way in the spring I have had trouble keeping up my regular focussed Bible study. I think using this tool again next year will be a wonderful way to make time to be in the Word.

    And some info for the other debbie who commented above. The Bible is organized according to the time the events occurred. So the story of creation is in the beginning, but other passages referring to it are at the time they were said, or written in the case of psalms and epistles. Prophecy is in the order it was revealed. For example Daniel’s end time prophecies are during the Babylonian exile period while revelation is at the end when John was exiled.

  2. Karen,

    I started to purchase the chronological Bible and then had this thought and there wasn’t a preview of a page from the Bible on the site. How does the chronological Bible read? Are there scriptures from Revelation mixed with scriptures from Genesis? Or are all scriptures related to creation in one section and then all scriptures related to the flood in one section? Maybe you haven’t seen the Bible either and don’t know the answer but if you or someone else knows the answer, I would like to know before purchasing it. Thanks.


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