To Minnesota and Back and Down Memory Lane

Hello to all of you gals that I met this past weekend at the Hearts at Home North Central Conference in Rochester, Minnesota. What fun we had!!!! Of course it was great to get a little get-away–hotel, friends, and chocolate– need I say more? But what encouragement and education we gleaned from the workshops, the belly laughs from Ken Davis and toe tapping from musical guests Cheri Keaggy and  Go Fish!!!! I personally was excited to introduce many moms to our ministry at Proverbs 31 and the resources we offer to busy women attempting to live godly lives. Our book table gave out over 200 free magazines and signed up even more women for our free online devotional. It was a great weekend overall. If you were there, hop on and leave a comment and then drop by often in the future!

As much as I loved connecting with fellow moms this weekend, the best part for me was alone time with my daughter Mackenzie. This is her senior year. As we made the 10 hour trip, we had lots of time to visit, crank up the music from her Ipod through the car’s sound system–which ranged from Cheri Keaggy and Sarah Groves leading us in worship songs to our belting out broadway musical numbers as we passed the hours. 

At times my heart swelled with pride–watching her minister to the moms at the book table encouraging them as they chatted about how they wanted to get their acts together on the homefront and provide a peaceful haven for their families. She gave them ideas and told them they could do it!! And I smiled as I watched her introduce me in an auditorium filled with a sea of faces and shinning bright lights. 

But the moments I loved best were those that transported me back in time. Seeing her sleeping soundly next to me in the car as we drove thorough a lonely stretch of Wisconsin with the wind whipping and the snow spitting in the air. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I looked over and saw the same sweet profile asleep in her car seat cuddled up in her favorite pink snowsuit? Or stopping for a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel and after dinner hearing the same question as usual, only now from a much more grown up voice, “May I pick out a candy stick to eat in the car?”

Time flies, moms. Hug those kiddos close. They grow up before you know it. I am not just being cliche’. I am so serious…… My dear daughter, who once was a pony-tailed little girl on a back yard swing, now poses on a front porch swing for her senior picture. Yikes! (And no, that is not our house. She has a quite daring side to her. So, she hopped up on someone’s front porch in downtown Grand Rapids and had her friend/photographer quick snap a picture just because she thought the setting was so cool looking!)



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  1. Thanks for the reminder…. as I sit here in tears…. ;) Mine are only 5 and 4…. but I can see myself in my van a short time from now having the same thoughts.

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