Weekend Winner…………….

Hi All! Well, when I asked you to post how you’d spend your weekend, I never thought mine would end up with my entire family snowed in at my sister-in-laws!!!!! The trip here was a bit snow covered and slippery the first three fourths of the way. After that, it was downright dangerous!!!  We couldn’t see the roads, the street signs not even the cars in front of us!! The snow was blowing harder that I have ever seen and the visibility was only about five feet!!!

So, I am writing this from her house on Monday morning. The weather has lifted a bit so Todd and I will head home with the boys while Kenzie heads to a friend’s for one more night before driving home tomorrow. (Prayers, as always, appreciated. I LOVE how you tell me you are praying!!!)

I don’t have much time now to write, but I do have time to tell Sarah; time stamp left at 9:54 am on December 21st to stand up and take a bow!!! She is the winner of the Christmas goodie box full of Bath & BodyWorks lotion, At home America candles, Point of Grace’s Christmas cd and some creamy dark chocolate!!! I’ll contact you soon to get your mailing address so I can ship your package out pronto!

I’ll try to hop on once more this week and then it is to the kitchen and workshop to finish up the gifts for Todd and the kids. Since we are being very frugal this year, I am trying to get creative like never before! (Many of you have asked for my ideas to be posted. I will, just not until after Christmas. I actually have little (and big) people in my house who read this blog!!!)

Happy Snow-bound Blessings,



  1. Praying for Kenzie’s safe travel home tomorrow. We also received quite the snowfall and apparently we are in for more again within the next 24 hours. I must say, it looks so pretty.

    Can’t wait to hear about your gifts – sounds very creative!

    Love & prayers,

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