I don’t know how your Wednesday is shaping up, but mine already seems too short to get everything done that I’d like to.

After returning from a wonderful, but whirlwind trip, I am feeling very behind. Couple that with an emergency trip to the dentist for Mitchell, who knocked his tooth loose at basketball the night I got home. Then Spencer had his play last weekend at the Teenworks Homeschool Academy. Then, yesterday, Mitch needed an emergency root canal on that tooth, so again I lost an entire afternoon sitting in the dentist’s office. And since I hadn’t planned on being there for anything more than a quick check up, I had nothing with me to work on. Oh, please!!!! This is torture to me. Reading magazines that are months old does not interest me. I wanted to accomplish something. Write a thank you note, plan a menu, sort through coupons, anything!!

Instead, I felt the Lord say, “Karen…….slow down……just breathe.” I was like a small child who had fallen and gotten hurt and was now bawling til her face turned red and she could hardly breathe. When that happened to me as a child, I remember my mom blowing air into my face so I would take a deep breath. It worked every time.

So my sweet Lord blew His warm, renewing breathe on me yesterday in that sterile dentist’s office. 

I slowed down. I stopped and took a deep breathe. I prayed. For Mitch and his five shot, front tooth root canal. For the rest of my family. For an event I have this weekend. For my own peace and sanity. 

Then I just listened for a while.

The time actually passed quickly and peacefully and I wasn’t my normal, nervous self, trapped in a waiting room with nothing to do.

Why, I even picked up a magazine or two and found a few new recipes! :-)

You see, fellow busy one, every once in a while, we need to stop and just breathe.

Sweet Blessings.


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  • Karen, this ties in so well with the P31 devo today on ‘Rest’. I actually gave a mug to a girlfriend of mine at Christmas and I believe it simply said, “Don’t forget to breathe”. Sometimes we need this gentle reminder.


  • Thanks for the reminder, Karen! I, too, have that problem (as many moms do) and find it hard to relax. We’re always going, going, going! May God bless you and I hope you enjoy a relaxing day! :)