I don’t know how your Wednesday is shaping up, but mine already seems too short to get everything done that I’d like to.

After returning from a wonderful, but whirlwind trip, I am feeling very behind. Couple that with an emergency trip to the dentist for Mitchell, who knocked his tooth loose at basketball the night I got home. Then Spencer had his play last weekend at the Teenworks Homeschool Academy. Then, yesterday, Mitch needed an emergency root canal on that tooth, so again I lost an entire afternoon sitting in the dentist’s office. And since I hadn’t planned on being there for anything more than a quick check up, I had nothing with me to work on. Oh, please!!!! This is torture to me. Reading magazines that are months old does not interest me. I wanted to accomplish something. Write a thank you note, plan a menu, sort through coupons, anything!!

Instead, I felt the Lord say, “Karen…….slow down……just breathe.” I was like a small child who had fallen and gotten hurt and was now bawling til her face turned red and she could hardly breathe. When that happened to me as a child, I remember my mom blowing air into my face so I would take a deep breath. It worked every time.

So my sweet Lord blew His warm, renewing breathe on me yesterday in that sterile dentist’s office. 

I slowed down. I stopped and took a deep breathe. I prayed. For Mitch and his five shot, front tooth root canal. For the rest of my family. For an event I have this weekend. For my own peace and sanity. 

Then I just listened for a while.

The time actually passed quickly and peacefully and I wasn’t my normal, nervous self, trapped in a waiting room with nothing to do.

Why, I even picked up a magazine or two and found a few new recipes! :-)

You see, fellow busy one, every once in a while, we need to stop and just breathe.

Sweet Blessings.



  1. Karen, this ties in so well with the P31 devo today on ‘Rest’. I actually gave a mug to a girlfriend of mine at Christmas and I believe it simply said, “Don’t forget to breathe”. Sometimes we need this gentle reminder.


  2. Thanks for the reminder, Karen! I, too, have that problem (as many moms do) and find it hard to relax. We’re always going, going, going! May God bless you and I hope you enjoy a relaxing day! :)

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