Heaven Rejoices…..(and so did we!!!)

There was some rejoicing last night; both in heaven and at a serious snackin’ party at our house.

Our son Mitchell, age 14, and some of his friends got up in front of 500 + people at our church, gave their stories about how they came to be a follower of Christ and then were baptized. (Pastor Chad, our youth pastor, held the boys under the water extra long for good measure!!!)

The eighth grade crew; Courtney, Matthew, Jonathan, Mitch and Sarah.

What a joy it was to hear these kids tell of how they made a decision to live their lives for God’s glory. And it was such an encouragement to the parents, Sunday School teachers, youth leaders and many more who were mentioned in their stories. We were thrilled as our own son talked of wanting to live for Christ when he was in elementary school and sitting in his Sunday School class. He used to say that was when he became a Christian. However, last night, he told of his heart wandering from the Lord and then his decision to rededicate his life to Christ last summer at wonderful Camp Barakel.

I was struck anew with how God does have a perfect plan for each of us; plans that begin to unfold the minute we are born; and plans that even sometimes squirrelly junior highers have the privilege of being a part of. And if I have learned anything from observing the past baptism/membership services at our church and listening to the testimonies of teens and adults alike, it is this; Don’t give up on your loved ones.

Be faithful.

Pray for them.

Pound heaven’s doors for their salvation.

Love them.


And, if you have a rebellious child who doesn’t care to hear about the Lord right now, do what I heard my friend Micca say once recently, “Don’t talk to your kids about God. Talk to God about your kids.”

You might just see those wayward ones change paths right before your very eyes.

Sweet Life-Changing Blessings,


  1. I loved this post and have to admit that I got a good chuckle at your comment about the pastor holding the boys under just a little longer “for good measure”. Those boys are something else…got one of my own. :) I was at the HAH conference the other weekend and got a lot of good info from you on getting my ducks in a row. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement!

  2. You go, Mitchell! I’m so proud of him and his friends for sharing Jesus! What a great example to us all.

    My prayer is that it started a fire in his tummy to share, and share again who and what Christ has done and how anyone can know Him too!

    Love it!!

    Love you and your sweet family, too!

  3. Rejoicing with you. We were just sharing about our son’s baptism with some friends last night. Such a happy memory.

    Our prayers continue for him that he may never turn away.

  4. One thing reassuring to me as a mom of a young man in his twenties that is showing no interest in the Lord at the moment: our God is the relentless pursuer. I love the three stories Jesus told, as recorded in Luke 15. The shepherd who would not rest until every sheep was safe in the fold, the woman who stays up late into the night searching for the lost coin, and the father who never gave up on his prodigal son all give me hope that God will not rest until my son is back on the right path, loving the Lord with all his heart, soul, and mind.

    He will NOT give up. Nor should we– because we trust in a powerful God.

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