Keeping Hearts at Home….(And a Giveaway!!)

Well….I’m back after a wonderful weekend at Hearts at Home. Happy Monday to those of you who have been here before and welcome to the new friends I met this weekend!

If you were in an of my workshops and have come here looking for some of the resources I talked about, here is how to find them…. First look on the right top sidebar. Then…

  • For the de-junking basics or to see how to set up a Mom’s Brain in a Binder, click on Simple Tools to Download and then on Keeping Your Ducks in a Row handout.
  • For the pre-printed grocery list or daily to-do list, click on Simple Tools to Download and then on either of the titles of those documents.
  • For the series of posts on Weight Loss, go to the archives on the middle right sidebar and click on May 2008. They are toward the end of the month.

Now…..I have a giveaway this week.

My boys assembled 99 Brain in a Binder folders to sell this weekend and we sold out. Hooray!!! However, when I got home, I realized that we never sold the sample. So, if you are going to leave a comment today and would like to be entered in the drawing to win this tool that keeps all of moms papers–fliers, rosters, class lists, invitations, permission slips, etc… all in one handy location and OFF of your fridge or kitchen counter, tell us why you need one. If you are in a hurry, just say “enter me!” I’ll pick the winner in a day or two.

I had a wonderful ride home after I dropped my friend and assistant Jeanne off in Chicago. I had lots of time to pray, listen to worship music…. (okay…and a great oldies station I found.) but alas, what I didn’t find was any Chic-Fil-A restaurants!!! (My fav and we have none in Michigan!!)

However, when I returned home, I found this link from my friend Mary Beth B. on Facebook. Click on it for 1 minute and 37 seconds of fun. It combines Chic-Fil-A with the Beatles and Christian comedian Tim Hawkins.What a hoot!!!! Enjoy!!! Here is the link to click on:

Tim Hawkins on Chic-Fil-A

Have a great week!!!!

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  1. I loved your American Idle workshop!

    I have been playing around with losing weight, but listening to you talk about how food and being idle took the place of God in your life really made me take stock of what my triggers were. I found a whole nest of junk in my life that I need to get right!

    Thanks so much for being willing to be open and honest about your struggles. It was just the kick in the tush I needed!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar at conference. I already have a binder started since I have been working my way through your book for several months. I am really trying to remind myself to not get piles of “for now” Thanks for your great ministry.

  3. I have just found your blog today. I would like to enter to win the “binder”. I am one of those that can’t find the papers when I need them, pay bills late, and have so much clutter it is crazy. My pile looks insurmountable, most of the time I just sit and look at the mess. It seems that when I start the de-cluttering I lose steam from thinking this will never be straight. Enjoyed your blog and am looking for to the revisits.

  4. Karen,

    I loved listening to you this weekend!!! I bought “The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized” at Hearts at Home. I really wanted to buy the binder, too, but you were out of them :( I am a single mom and also a foster parent for teens that need specialized treatment. My kitchen is a mess with all the paperwork that I have to keep track of for these kids, along with myself and my daughter. Even if I don’t win this binder, could your sons make more so I can buy one? Or, could you post the lists of daily and weekly chores that you have in your binder? I can’t wait to start reading your book. I really need some organization in my life. Please, please, pick me!!! Kelle

  5. I would love to have the binder! I’m always looking for a way to finally get organized. I have 4 kids ranging in age from almost 13 down to 4. They generate a lot of art, forms, papers, etc. Please pick me!!

  6. Is it too late to enter? I hope not. I am a full time student, my son is in the 3rd grade, my daughter is 5, and my husband teaches high school and is a graduate student. We are busy and could use any help. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and I pray God continues to bless your ministry.

    Michelle :)

  7. Hi Karen,
    Enjoyed the Hearts and Home conference this weekend. Thanks for sharing your ideas to hopefully conquer my paper mess. With two school age kids continuously coming home with papers, I never have a clean desk or refrigerator. I’m right now trying to conquer this mess today. If I win the binder or not, I just wanted to thank you sharing your ideas!

  8. Hey Karen! Thanks for all of your helpful tips. I am one of those “Can Do Moms” that need assistance in the implementation of all the good ideas :) We have triplets that started kindergarten this year and the papers are IN ABUNDANCE!! I love your grocery list and to do list. I have modified them to work for our family. Now I need to get a handle on all the incoming papers… I need to work on keeping my kitchen table cleaned off so we can spend quality time there as a family. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas to assist our families!


  9. Hi Karen-
    Thank you for speaking at Hearts at Home this past weekend. It was so much fun! So why should I be considered for the last binder? Well, let’s see.
    1. I’m married, with a husband whom I am not sure knows what a binder is. He is the greatest man in the whole world and I would trade him for NOTHING. But I would love for him to have an easy system for all of the stuff he brings home, promising to read then recycle…(The intention is good but action seldom follows!)
    2, 3, and 4- My kids. (2) My Oldest is 6 and in addition to the forest of papers she brings home each week, she has discovered a passion for writing-stories, poems, letters, music, songs-and the list goes on… (3) Next is my handsome 3 y.o. (almost 4)-It is rare that I get him to color, draw, write… but when he does it is beautiful and his works of art usually fall victim to #4,5 and 6 before I manage to get them put away! (4) Finally is my youngest, the April Fool’s baby who is almost 2. He is a rebel with many causes-most of them cause him to rip, chew, or destroy anything that he can that doesn’t have a “home”. You can imagine the reactions of reasons #2 and #3!

    5 & 6-DOGS-they can and will eat anything, (especially when fed by #4). Let’s see, the Shi-tzu ate his own AKC papers, and multiple things that I have yet to paste together. And the pitbull/st. bernard mix is 6 months old, 50 pounds and…well, I don’t think I need to say more!

    On top of that I am babysitting my nephew and cousin (who are both under 1-they like to eat misc. papers too!), a leader of my daughters girl scout team, MOPPETS coordinator for our local MOPS group, Childcare worker and Sunday school teacher at our church and a substitute preschool teacher.
    Did I mention married? Oh, and very, very, very tired-with wet fingers from pulling things out of mouths!
    Thank you for letting me share- I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!

  10. Hi Karen, Would you have ever thought I’d need help staying organized…yep. Hope all is well and let me know if you draw my name!!’Dorothy

  11. Hi Karen,
    If you peeked in my house at my kitchen counter you would see that I really do need that binder! I de-clutter and then it piles up again. My family has so many papers/flyers/etc. I wish I could’ve gone to the seminar to hear you speak!


  12. hi Karen! I have been wanting one of your brain-in-a-binders! What a great tool! I began to look around at assembling one of my own from your tools but I was overwhelmed. There’s something about it already being put together that takes away some stress! I definitely could use one though. I’m about ready to deliver a set of twins and I have a daughter whom I’m about to begin homeschooling. There is an awful lot going on in our house right now… doctors appts, my husbands meetings at church, homeschooling information, as well as other appointments and important papers. It would be nice to have everything together instead of having 2 different calendars and post-it notes everywhere! My husband would have one spot to look and everything would be there… what a glorious thought! And, as my twins get older…things are only going to get even busier so one of your binders would be a great stress reducer! I would LOVE to have one!
    Keep up the great ministry! I love hearing you speak and reading your blog. You are such an encouragement to me! Thanks!

  13. Hi there, Karen! It was so incredibly wonderful to be in your ‘Ducks in a Row’ seminar this weekend! I really gained a lot of motivation from it! I would love to be entered into the binder drawing! A friend of mine and I were discussing it the way home…I over-organize and she under-organizes! Finding that happy medium would be such a blessing, I am fixin’ to start downloading!
    May God bless you!

  14. The video is hilarious…now…if we Canadians could only taste the famous Chic-Fil-A! :)
    Thanks for sharing some fun,

  15. Always looking for a way to organize better! I think I am organized until I go to find something and see all the piles.

  16. I loved your session and wish it was longer! My friend and I both made a b-line to your table to find out the binders were gone! :( We did buy one of the freezer books, though, and are so excited to begin freezer cooking!
    I would LOVE a binder because I have three kids under 3 and teach full-time. My husband is a youth minister and constantly on the go. We have flyers coming in and out of our home all the time with my teaching job and his church position. We are both also going to start coaching soon, so more schedules to add to our crazy paper pile! I always have a pile…and sticky note upon sticky note…to move from one place to another. I keep trying to live by the rule “touch it once” but it winds up more so “touch it ten times, pick it up after toddler destroys organized chaos pile, touch again, move, take some papers out, throw away year-old coupon in pile, reorganize after 5 month old twin throws up on pile, finally GO THROUGH pile”! :)

  17. Hi Karen,
    It was great to meet you at the Hearts conference! I LOVED your workshop and started to read your book. I have read many many books about getting organized over the years, and I do believe that yours is the first one that I have come across that has spaces for me to write. HOW COOL IS THAT!? You are a genius.

    I know what areas I’m working on…meal planning/grocery shopping, laundry, and paper clutter. UGH! Speaking of UGH, I need your physical address so that I can send you a copy of my manuscript. Thanks for your encouragement to me as a writer and for being willing to read my book. I hope it makes you LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Email me with your address and I’ll get a copy out to you asap. Thanks.
    With Kindness,
    Tracy DeGraaf

  18. I was at the conference, my first one, and loved every minute of it! I started “de-junking” my house as soon as I got home! One room a day is my goal, and room #2 is almost done. I would love to have a binder…I attempted to get one at the conference, but they were sold out. Thanks for all the great tips. Freezer cooking is next!!

  19. Karen- I really need a brain binder because I am going to begin homeschooling this coming year and I am oh so nervous. Getting my life declutter and more organizing would be one thing that I could do and be sure about. Thanks for the great give away!

  20. Ugh. I’m with Stephenie!! My oldest started Kindergarten last Fall and I can’t BELIEVE the papers that come home. I try to stay on top of it, but a couple of busy afternoons and here come the PILES!! You’re my favorite speaker at Hearts at Home, but because of my birthday I can not usually attend the Illinois conference. But I’m planning on seeing you in Grand Rapids with a good friend of mine that lives there! I can’t wait!!!

  21. Karen,
    I enjoyed your workshop and came away with some new ideas that I am looking forward to tweaking for my own life. I didn’t get a binder…wasn’t able to get up close enough to even see if there were any left! I guess you had a pretty popular table! I am an organizer by trade I but my kitchen counter is my troubled spot. I have a problem with “I’ll put it here for now and think about where it really should go LATER!” Thanks for serving moms this past wkd! God bless!

  22. Karen,
    I wasn’t at the conference. I hope to be able to attend the one in Michigan in October. I would love the binder. My organizational skills could be defined by one word: piles.

  23. Karen – I loved your workshop and was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a binder, so I didn’t want to enter and take someone else’s spot…just wanted to say thanks for your help and encouragement at Hearts, and I hope your boys get to go to camp this year!!

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