What is Your Answer Gonna Be?

I love contemporary Christian music. Give me a TobyMac cd and I’m good to go. I still, however, love to sings hymns rich with doctrine and deep with meaning. And, every once and a while, I even like a traditional church choir tune. One that makes you think. 

Our church choir sang such a tune yesterday. It was a southern, swaying, foot-tapping sort with a theme I just can’t get out of my mind. When we talk to the Lord, our attitude should be, “Yes is my answer. What’s your question gonna be?”

It is that simple. We should plan to say “Yes” to whatever God asks of us. We should be quick to obey; to say “Here I am Lord. Send me!”

I admit too often my answer is, “Not now Lord, I’m busy.” Or “Surely you have the wrong gal. Ask her. She has more faith/skill/time/drive/etc..”

Well, I am taking this as a challenge. I want to live my life this week in a way that says “Yes” to God.

How about you?

(And if you want to dig deeper in this subject, check out my friend Lysa’s book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by clicking here. It is a life-changer!!)

Sweet Affirmative Blessings,


  1. Hi Karen,

    I look forward to meeting you at the Hearts at Home conf. It is gonna be a wild adventure.

    I am currently doing a small bible study and What Happens When Womens say YES to GOD? is our book. It is a life changer. I am amazed at how God is using this book and speaking to my heart and soul. I desire to be a women that says YES to God. I do not want to blend so much into society that others cannot see HIM in me. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started blogging. I felt I had something to say and so my friends in the study, with the help of my wonderful husband encouraged me. Come on over and visit. www. radicallyblessed.com!!

    Safe travels and see you soon!!

    Tricia in KY

  2. HI
    i’LL say Yes Lord Yes to your will and to Your way;
    T’ll say Yes Lord Yes; I will trust You and obey;
    When the Spirit speaks to me with my whole heart I’ll agree;
    And my answer will be YesLord Yes!!!!!

    Happy Birthday.

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