I’m a Fool Already…..

It isn’t even noon, and I’m already a fool on April Fools Day. The recipe is simple….

Take one mischievous eleven year old boy. Add a rubber band and a plan; a plan to tighten said rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer. Add one unsuspecting, still slightly sleepy mom. The result? 

A now drenched, slightly angry, but much more awake mom.

You see, when the rubber band is secured around the sprayer, it shoots straight at anyone who turns the faucet on.

Not funny. Except to those dear, sneaky offspring crouched around the corner waiting for a good laugh.

Have a great day everyone.

I’m off to find a towel. Oh, and to bake a nice batch of brownies for my son.

Laced with Exlax!

Watch-Your-Back Blessings,


  1. A favorite prank of Nick’s was always to leave a little something special on my pillow! I LOVE pillows so I have lots of the decorative ones tossed on my bed. Nick loved to hide a curled up tootsie roll (a little gift from the cat) or a plastic lizard under the throw pillows so that I would find it (and scream) as I was getting ready for bed. I’m not going to mention the rubber band on the sprayer thing to him! No sense giving him more ideas to torture mom with!


  2. I LOVE IT!!!!! I just wrapped my sprayer to get either my husband or 16 year old!!!!! I’ve been wondering what to do all day! Tell your son, thank you!

  3. I pop in periodically to read your blog and am always encouraged. This a.m. I was prompted to pray for you…I have been reading up on GM and pray for your family and God’s provision.

    My boys are too young yet to execute an April Fool’s Day trick on me, but I know I will have it coming too…just a few years down the road :)

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