One Great Historic Field Trip and Some Upcoming Fun


I threw caution to the wind yesterday. And I allowed my two boys to throw school out the window to boot. We closed our textbooks; canceled our quizzes; kissed Pre-Algebra good-bye. Then, we headed out the door to witness a little history in the making.

You see, merely a half-hour down the road from us, an average Joe, who just happens to be a plumber, gathered with over a thousand of his new closest friends and held a Tax Day Tea Party.

In the car, the boys and I held a little impromptu review of the first tea party—-the Native American-costume-wearing, Boston tea-dumping kind. Then we navigated to our state’s capitol, observed the rally and took it all in. There were young, old and middle aged; Democrats, Republicans and Independents; different races, religions and nationalities. What they had in common was their belief that government has gotten too big and is taking too much of our hard-earned money.

While I can’t say I agree with all of the signs and displays and handouts that were prominent at this rally, I was heartened that the “average Joes” (and Janes for that matter) got together in a grass-roots effort to make their wishes known. And I stressed to the boys the privilege we have of living in a country where we can peacefully protest without fear of being run over with an army tank. I was glad we made the choice to observe history in the making.

Now, I want to tell you about a few things coming up….

First of all, I am kicking off some “Spring Has Sprung” give-aways next Monday. I’m tired of the long winter and ready to get into the spring season. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate saying “good-bye” to old man winter than to give away some books, products and fun, girly prizes to my sweet cyber friends. So tune in over the next month or so to be introduced to some great gals with their wonderful resources and leave a comment in order to have a chance to win.

First up next Monday will be Jane Brown from Get It In Your Soul. Hop over to her site to take a sneak peek at her creative and inspirational products.

Finally, I have some exciting news about our annual She Speaks Conference at Proverbs 31 Ministries. This conference is a time of equipping women who have a desire to be used by God as speakers, authors and women’s ministry leaders. We also have a Next Generation Track for teen girls. There are wonderful main sessions, relevant and practical break-out workshops, heartfelt worship and tons of time and opportunities to connect with others. Registration is open and the conference is filling fast. Check it out here. I’d love to meet you there!

And some exciting news was just announced to our speaker team by our President Lysa TerKeurst about who our Saturday night keynote speaker will be. Hop over to Lysa’s site. She is having a little contest to guess the speaker, so I will direct you there….  Just trust me, this speaker helps others to see God and His plan for their lives in a fresh and faith-filled way. You will walk away encouraged and equipped!!

Plan to join us there if you can. And plan on popping back to this site over the next few months to try your hand at winning some fresh, fun “Spring Has Sprung” give-aways.

I just love give-aways!!!! And best of all, they are totally tax-free!!!!!

Happy Spring,

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