Real Food?!?!

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I have a dilemma at my house these days.

My boys think I don’t buy “real food”.

Now, I can make as mean a meatloaf as the next gal. My pot pies win rave reviews every time. I bake cookies; whip up brownies; why I even sometimes grind my own wheat and bake bread from scratch. 

So what, prey tell, is “real food”? I asked them this the other day as I was headed to the grocery store to purchase the week’s bounty.

“You know, real food. Like Curtis’ mom has, or Jake’s. They always have Doritos in the house and lots of Mountain Dew. You never buy pop.” (No, I don’t except for special occasions. That’s what good moms do; or so I thought)

“And they have huge cases of Ramen noodles from Sam’s Club around all the time. They buy gi-normous cases of pizza rolls and Sunny D and stuff. Would it kill ya to buy some Kool-aid? Geeesh….Their moms know what real food is.”

Hmmmm….. Now, I have been known to buy some of these things some of the time. I might get some pizza rolls to munch on while we watch American Idol. I guess my boys beef is that I don’t buy huge quantities so they can eat it whenever they want.

Guess that makes me a bad mom. What they don’t know is that it is a badge I wear with honor.

Now, gotta run. I am headed to speak to the sweet ladies at Peace Lutheran Church in Beavercreek, Ohio this weekend. My fam will be on their own.

Ding, ding, ding…..that means it is a special occasion!!!

I’ve already stocked the pantry with Ramen noodles and Kool-aid.


They’ll be craving my cooking when I come home!!!

Sweet Weekend Blessings,


  1. I have to tell you that your kids comments about food had me laughing. I to shop like you do. Then we had some major kitchen damage in an ice storm this past winter. With the kitchen under construction we ate out. A lot. My girls have asked that I start cooking again because they are sick of eating out. They want *real food* as they put it. lol That was music to my ears…they really do like my cooking and understand what goes into making the meals now. Now that things are getting completed and we’re cooking more (haven’t eaten anything out in 3 weeks now wooohooo!) they’re even helping more and asking to help.

    I also wanted to add that I have a couple of your books. In your book A Home That Says Welcome is my husbands favorite breakfast recipe ~ the baked oatmeal. It is one of his most requested items he asks me to make. I take it to our churches pot luck breakfast and get asked for the recipe all the time. Thanks for putting it in there. You’ve made lots of families happy with it.

  2. This sounds like my house! I don’t buy chips, pop, kool-aid or processed foods. I make mostly everything from scratch. And yet we have never have food in the house, at least that is what my four year old tells me!

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