Spartans Verses the Tar Heels


Oh boy….is there ever excitement in the air!!!! Our beloved Michigan State Spartans are headed to the NCAA championship tonight down highway 96 right here in Detroit Motor City. Our family is pumped. We’ll be opening chips, making dip, breaking out the soda and cheering for the Spartans. 

Yep……We bleed green and white around here.

Now, normally this wouldn’t cause much tension in my life, only excitement. But factor in the reality that I speak for a wonderful, but tar-heeled ministry that is based in the sweet southern state of North Carolina and it gets interesting. Most of my fellow sisters on the Proverbs 31 speaker team are from the Charlotte, NC area. A handful are from other random states. None, but me, are from Michigan. And tonight, it will be Michigan State versus North Carolina in the biggest match-up of the year.

Oh my.


For the span of just over two hours, my sweet “sistas” and I will be arch rivals; cheering and jeering fans on opposite sides of the court; each routin’ for our own hometown team.

It could get ugly.

I’ve been known to yell at the tv screen; to holler at the ref, “Come on blue!” (FYI….the official nickname of a basketball ref) “Foul? What are ya blind?!?!? He never even touched him!!!!”

Yes, holler and harass the refs I do….in a Christian sort of way….

I will be glad when all is over and I go back to being the lone Midwestern mascot on a wonderful team of southern bells. They tolerate my saying “soda” instead “coke. They teach me to say “ya’ll” instead of “you guys” and they treat this Yankee gal like a queen– 364 days a year.

But tonight, it is all out collegiate war….

And in my humble opinion……a brave Spartan beats a Tar Heel every time.

By the way, exactly what is a Tar Heel? I Googled it and found many conflicting reports. I just hope y’all really do have a little tar on your guys’ heels. Maybe it will keep them stuck to the hardwood court floor. I “hear tell” your Reb gents can out jump our Yankee boys in this here ball game…..

Oh dear…..

Who are you rootin’ for?

Sweet North Versus South Blessings, :-)


  1. That’s easy to define. A tarheel is one who wins championships – even against mighty spartans. :)

    But a Yahweh sister is one who loves at all times – even during collegiate b-ball finals. So I’m here to offer you a band-aid, in case you are bleeding green and white today. Your strong team pulled some mighty upsets in recent days and deserves to feel proud of their run.

    Love ya, sweet friend! ~ Rachel

  2. Yeah, i totally relate to your sentiments… A Spartan girl, I lived 4 years in the great Tar-heel state while my husband taught at a Christian college there. Last night before the game, as we sat poised in our living room just a few miles from the MSU campus, we received a couple of phone calls from those old friends ribbing us about clinging to our convictions that we would be the victors! But there wasn’t much to cheer about last night and I think we will all eat a huge piece of humble pie today… and wait patiently for NEXT YEAR!!!

  3. Loved, loved your devotion today. This girl who struggles with the self-reliance of her own direction needed it.

    Deep, deep down in my Tarheel heart I really thought the commentators might be right about a Spartan upset last night. My husband says I’m not a real fan anyway since I only get interested in b-ball when infected with March Madness. Even though I enjoyed cheering for my school, I had a little cheering going on for my friend Karen’s team. It was a great battle!

  4. “Go Michigan”….You have another Michigander here with yhea!!
    …I know what your talking about…My sons remind me all the time when I say “You guys”
    …Love all you ladies.
    …Living here in Michighan…(You gals keep my spirits lifted…Karen you would know what I mean
    today we are at a whole 28 degrees with 6 inches of snow on the ground. Can I vent here too with yhea….”I am so so so so so sick of winter. We are into April right?

    God Bless!!

    In Christ’s everlasting Love and Joy…

  5. I’m with you cheering for the Spartans! :) My sister, her husband and all his kin live down in North and South Carolina. I love them dearly, but just for tonight, I want them to be losers!

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