Candles and Lotions and Chocolate….Oh My!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there who have someone in your life who calls you mom.

Okay, someone who screams, “Moooom…..He’s hitting me!!!” or pleads, “Mom, can you run me to the game?” or who questions you several times a week, “Hey Mom! What’s for dinner. I’m STARVED!!!!”

At any rate….you are among the few. The proud. The TIRED!!!!!! The moms!!!

These next few days I’m offering a simple give away just for YOU!!!! There is nothing in this for your kids. If you win, don’t even let them taste the chocolate! It is all yours, baby!!!

In this special Mother’s Day “Basket in a Box” we have the following goodies:

  • A journal
  • A magnetic grocery list
  • Some Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works shower gel
  • Some Iced Pomegranate lotion
  • Eight bags of Pomegranate tea (yes…I like pomegranate!!!)
  • Some cheese spreaders for entertaining and a berry scented votive candle (both from my friend Tammy’s At Home America business. I LOVE At Home America decor! And I love their prices and clearance section. Check it out here.)
  • A scripture notepad and fancy pen
  • One package each of cinnamon and hazelnut gourmet hot cocoa
  • A jumbo Hershey kiss
  • Some Ghirardelli chocolate and chocolate-caramel squares (a girl can’t have too much chocolate!!)
  • A copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others

It is easy to enter. For those of you with some brain energy left today, leave a comment letting us know your favorite memory as a mom or even your favorite memory of your own mother from your growing up days.

For those of you who are plum tuckered out….just leave a comment saying “I’m in!” The ramdom winner will be chosen and announced on Mother’s Day.

Sweet Blessings,


  1. My favorite mama moment is when they make me cards that say something really thoughtful. :) My favorite memory of my mom is when we would go shopping and cover the whole mall – then I would decide what to get and go back and get it. I remember my mom slumping down in the dressing room saying, “Wake me up when you’re done…” :)

  2. How do I chose? There are many. One Christmas I took my 3 year old son into Walmart a few days before Christmas. We were walking down the toy isle and passed a red Ford F-150 power wheels and he looked at me and said… Mom, Santa can’t bring that Ford F-tee cause it’s too big. Needless to say, “Santa” brought that Ford F-tee and the joy at watching his face on Christmas morning was priceless!

  3. On Mother’s Day I am reminded of one of my favorite mom memories so far (I’ve only answered to “mom” for 2.5 years). On Mother’s Day 2006 I felt my baby boy, Jason Jr., kick for the very first time. I was only 18 weeks pregnant and didn’t know yet that he was a boy…it was the most wonderful feeling to feel those first little flutters like bubbles in my tummy that allowed me to connect for the first time with my baby. To be reminded that there was an actual person in there, growing each day, and that all the days of exhaustion and nausea up to that point were so worth it! God has blessed me abundantly, I love my “little man”. :) Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!


  4. My favorite memory of my mom is watching her bake and welcome others in to our home. She was and still is a very gracious hostess.

    My favorite memory of my boys who are still quite young is when they tell me they love me. I also love to watch them when they are sleeping…may be because the house is peaceful and they are resting :)

  5. One of my favorite memories as a mom happened a year or so ago as I sat in church with my husband and it dawned on me that while I was sitting in the worship service all three of my children were serving the Lord that morning in some capacity. My oldest was playing guitar in the praise band, my middle child was upstairs helping in children’s church and my daughter was helping in the nursery. What a blessing to see your children serving the Lord – doesn’t get much better than that.

  6. Hi-I’m in. I have many favorite memories so far of being a mom. I think my very first one is when my first child woke up in the morning and gave me her first smile. Being a mom is the best thing in the world to me and keeps me going many days.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there reading Karen’s Blog.

  7. I’m in! And this isn’t my Favority mommy memory, but just one that makes me laugh. I was playing “The Mom Song” by Go Fish for the first time for my girls (3 & 5). After the line “If you have a lot of fun, but your work is never done, you’re a mom” plays, my 5 year old exclaims “That sounds like you, Mom!”

  8. I think one of my most touching memories was when my son and I were shopping for college dorm room stuff just before he left home for Michigan. We were talking about girls he had dated and his frustration with a current girlfriend. He turned to me and sincerely said, “All I want, Mom, is to find a woman like you.”

    I’ll never forget it. Until that moment, I wasn’t even sure he liked me!!

  9. Karen,
    Count me in, I can never have too much chocolate! My favorite “Mom Memory” would have to be when our middle child, Malorie, was still here with us. The nite before Mother’s Day she would be whispering to her dad making sure we had the eggs pancakes and bacon so she and dad could make me breakfast. Mother’s Day Morning she and dad would be up cooking, trying to get the other 2 kids up, and then surprise me with breakfast. She would even make placemats for me!

    Needless to say, my kitchen was a disaster, but I loved it!

    Enjoy your Mother’s Day Karen,

  10. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s memories. And I’m thrilled for a chance to win CHOCOLATE!

    My favorite memories as a mom are of bedtime. Snuggling and reading and singing. I used to crawl in bed with my daughter to read, chat, pray and sing “You are my sunshine”. You know the line that says, “when skies are gray”? She changed it to “when skies are gray and blue” for all the time. I used to hold both my boys in my lap to read to them at night. Now they’re 10 and 8, we don’t fit in the chair any more.

    Someone else’s comment reminded me of how my mom sewed most of my clothes when I was small. In the winter, her hands were so cold that my sister and I could hardly stand still for her to measure. I was always so proud of my clothes. I remember telling my teachers, “My mama made it!”

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Karen!

  11. My favorite memory of my daughter; A couple years ago when she was 5 or 6 yrs. old, I was tucking her into bed one night. I usually snuggle up next to her for a short period of time and we say our prayers, but this night she said, “hey, move over….Jesus is snuggled up next to me!”

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