Next Weeks News…..Calling All Moms!!!

Just a quick note to wish you all a relaxing (or productive) weekend–whichever you are hoping for. I’m hoping for a little of both.

I need to button up my talk for the ladies and gals of New Castle Bible Church in Mackinaw, IL. I’ll be joining them for their ladies spring banquet on Tuesday and, after speaking there last August, I can’t wait to go back! But I’m also hoping for a little relaxation. Mitch’s first travel team baseball scrimmage is Saturday so my fanny will be parked in a lawn chair part of the weekend cheering our team on. (And with both of our boys each on a city rec team as well as the town’s travel team…… well my fanny better get used to it! It will be sitting there often from now until mid-July!!!!) YIKES!!! It is a good thing baseball is my favorite sport! 

I want to encourage you to tune in next Monday and over the course of the week. I’ll be again featuring our Spring Has Sprung Give Away.  Since it is Mother’s Day week, we’ll have several give aways. We’ll kick off the week featuring two days with a chance to win some AWESOME things from Melissa at Hop over and check out her wonderful and fun products for moms.

See you then! Enjoy your weekend and your families!!!!

Relaxing and Productive Blessings,

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