Prayers Please

Could I ask you to pray for my family and me? We’ve got a lot on our combined plates these next two weeks.

Mackenzie left for North Carolina on Sunday to stay with my friend Marybeth and her family for a few days until the She Speaks conference and to check out a few cosmetology schools in the area. Mitch got on the bus to Camp Barakel this morning and I fly out bright and early tomorrow to join Kenzie at the conference. After returning home Sunday, we pick Mitch up from camp Monday and then Tuesday, it is back on a plane for me. This time to record at Focus on the Family.

Although I am excited to see friends at the conference, help women who feel called to be writers and speakers and am waaaay pumped about being on Focus on the Family again, I am feeling a bit frazzled. If God brings me to mind, would you pray for me? And for all that needs to happen both at home and away for things to run smoothly? I’d love it if you left a short comment letting me know you will.

I’ll try to hop on and post in the next few days, if I have access to the Internet. Otherwise, stay tuned. I have some more summertime give-aways and interviews planned for August.

Happy “so-glad-I-have-praying-cyber-friends” blessings,


  1. Already praying for all the P31 team, but thanks for sharing some personal requests. I will lift you and your family up in prayer.

    As your days, so shall your stength be, (Deut 33:25)

  2. Karen,
    Dear Heavenly Father, please surround and hold Karen and her family in this blessed, but busy time. Let her feel Your strength and love and let it flow through her to all those she comes in contact with. Amen

  3. Dear Lord,

    We are all so busy these days running here and there. May we not forget You during the rush, may we slow down long enough to thank you for the many blessings that you shower us with each and every day.
    Lord, I am taking this moment to thank you for Karen and the blessing that she brings to my life through You. I lift her up Lord and ask that You give her the peace that only You can provide. Be with her family Lord as they go forward. May their paths be filled and directed by Your love and mercy.
    In Jesus Name

  4. Dear Lord,

    I pray for Karen to feel Your presence this week as she fulfills the plans You have for her. May all of her plans go smoothly. I pray for her to have safe trips and may You use her for Your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. Karen, I’m praying for you. What a full, yet blessed, plate. I was almost going to be your ride from the airport to the hotel in Charlotte, but your arrival didn’t work with my schedule. I was really hoping it would! Praying for peace and that She Speaks will be a time of refreshment for you as you gather with a bunch of women who think you’re wonderful. I’m one of them! I’ll be hanging out helping there so hope to see you.

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