Simple S’mores


Fireworks and hot dogs and s’mores…..oh my! One of my kids’ favorite things is the s’mores over the fire on the fourth of July. Here is a simple and less expensive way to make them. Especially good for a crowd.

Just purchase some packaged fudge-striped cookies at the store. Toast your marshmallow as usual. (Or burn it like my son Spencer prefers!!!) Then place it between two cookies. Voila! A tasty and cost-effective s’more!!! The shortbread cookie covered with chocolate is perfect and there is less mess and no fighting over the last square of Hersheys!

Also….for you coconut lovers: try toasted coconut marshmallows in place of the regular ones. Delicious!!!!

Happy fourth everyone!

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  1. Okay… this is just about the smartest way to make a S’more ever!!! I can’t wait for my kids to try this.

    They love s’mores but always get frustrated they can’t get that chunk of chocolate to melt. Problem solved with my ever smart and recipe savvy friend Karen!!!

    I am so looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

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