Real Beauty

Beauty. Is it only skin deep?

Beauty. Is what we see today in the media true beauty?

Beauty. Are young girls being given an accurate view of attainable outward beauty?

I happened across this very short video yesterday and posted it on my Facebook. The response was so overwhelming, I just had to share it with you.

Please show it to every young girl you can. And to every woman who feels she sorely lacks in the “pretty” category.

And don’t forget to tell them they are beautiful.

Just the way they are.

Click here to view the one minute clip.

Beautiful Blessings,


  1. That is such an eye-opening video. It is so important to let young girls know that what they see on the cover of a magazine or on the screen of the TV is not truth. Most of the time the image is not even real.

    As someone who is now free from an eating disorder, I know the importance of getting this message out there. Thanks for bringing awareness to the issue of real beauty. Sometimes it gets lost in all the other Christian “to-do”s.

  2. The video of what was done ot create the billboard was
    revealing. I’ve been thinking lately of a saying from my
    childhood– Pretty is as pretty does.

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