The Start Over Button (and a Giveaway!!!!)

Classes and co-ops for my kids have begun for the year. Mitch takes three high school courses on Wednesday afternoons. Spencer treks off to the homeschool academy for an entire day and five classes on Thursdays. One of his classes in Computer 1. And is he ever having a hard time with it!

Now, it isn’t that the kid can’t surf the net with the rest of the eleven year olds in the world. He can locate a funny clip on You Tube in seconds flat. He knows how to type an email to a friend and can maneuver around the keyboard without any trouble.

Enter Miss Erika and the Mavis Beacon typing program.

You see, Miss Erika requires that the class learns the correct way to type. You know, fingers positioned on the proper keys. No “two-finger-hunt-and-peck” methods allowed. 

It has my normally jolly child in a complete tizzy.

His twenty minute typing sessions each day are timed. And, when finished, Mavis Beacon (the smiling, friendly cyber teacher) informs him of how many words per minute he achieved.


Lets just say his first attempt was barely in the double digits!

And so, he stresses and obsesses and fumes and frets as his fingers pound away on the “keyboard-turned-enemy” that is my laptop.

However, today Spencer discovered a button.

A beautiful button.

It is labeled “Start Over”

So now, when the timed test catches him off guard and he doesn’t quite get out of the chutes at the whistle, he can always click on the “Start Over” button.

No harm. no foul.

The slate is wiped clean and he can proceed again.

I know there are times I need to reach for the “Start Over” button in my  own life.

When I’ve yelled at my kids; disrespected my husband; neglected my Bible; polished off the last few brownies in the pan. In fact, I did all of those just last week alone.

How about you? Anyone need the “start over” button?

It is only a click away.

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Sweet Starting-over Again Blessings,


  1. I really need help. I once again have failed. I can’t seem to stay motivated. I am really wanting to loose weight. I ask myself if you want to loose weight way then way…….. I need your prayers.


  2. What a great post! I was reading along totally seeing the little boy and the keyboard (I have one of those frustrated “typists” too) and wham…the message hit. Thanks for the encouragement to remember we can start over.

  3. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve started something in “real” life and wished I had an “undo” button because I jumbled things up! A start over button is one better!

    Thanks for the post! I loved it!

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