Announcing Weight Loss Wednesdays (and a winner)

First, let me say thank you to all who left comments on the subject of the last two days: frenemies. I never dreamed one little word could drum up so much emotion. Seems we’ve all either had or been a frenemy. I pray we handle these sticky situations better in the future after our little cyber discussion.

And congrats to the winner of the Starbucks card. She is:

Melinda       Timestamp: 2009/10/14 at 10:03pm

Congrats! Email me at [email protected] so I can get your home address and mail you your Starbucks card.

Now, for the kick-off of a new feature:

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I know it isn’t Wednesday, but I couldn’t start this on Wednesday this week due to the Proverbs 31 devotion I had running. So, to begin, we’ll talk about this today. Next week, check in on Wednesday. K?

Here is the dealio……many of you have read my story or watched my interview on The 700 Club. For those of you who haven’t. In 2005 I began a weight loss journey and lost over 100 pounds.

I wrote about it.

I was interviewed about it.

I spoke about it.

I was asked about it on the streets and in numerous emails.

Then, I was begged to start an online weight loss group for women for the purpose of accountability.

I hemmed and hawed. I toyed with the idea, but didn’t follow through. I had enough on my plate (pun intended) already with homeschooling, writing, speaking and such.

Besides…..I didn’t need an accountability group. I’d lost and kept off 100 pounds!

Enter the year 2009.

  • My husband was laid off from GM on Christmas Eve 2008 (yes…..Christmas Eve, thank you very much). He didn’t return to regular work until this September. That is 9 months without work, people.
  • We were forced to move from our dream home in the country, complete with a pond, 8 acres of woods, a cute little creek, a deluxe whirlpool and an executive, custom-built two story house with a stone fireplace. Bummer.
  • My only daughter and BFF graduated and moved 15 hours away to North Carolina.
  • We experienced some stress and illnesses in our extended family.

To sum things up……. 2009, thus far, has stunk!

And, as a result, instead of totally throwing myself at Jesus’ feet…..I threw myself a big ‘ole pity party.

Oh, and I invited some old friends.

Namely chocolate, salty chips, cheese and ice cream.

I, the weight loss queen, put back on 1/3 of what I lost.


*Dissonant creepy organ chords*

*Shocked raised eyebrows*

Ahem……..Humbled blogger.

Now, it is I who is in desperate need of an accountability group.

And shame, shame, shame on me for not doing it sooner for all of you who asked.

Will you forgive me?

I want to break up (again) with my old love- food.

For good this time.

Anybody else feel my pain?

I want to hit the “restart” button. To get serious about my health again and quite flirtin’ with the brownies, for the love of Pete…… Pan Peanut Butter! (Oh, I do love that stuff too!)

How about you? Are you in?

Let’s start simple.

If you want to drive a stake in the ground and say “Enough, already!”, just leave a comment today with a very basic thought.

What is your motivation? Why do you want to see the scales go down and your health increase?

I know for me, I want to feel again like I am at the weight God intended for me to be. To not feel as if I have a “Says she follows God but is a total failure with her eating” sign on my back.

Oh….and fitting into all of those smaller size clothes I bought and had given to me would be totally fun too!

Okay….your turn…..

I hope LOTS of you respond.

But if only one of you….or two or three do, that is okay.

We’ll be weight loss buddies. We’ll check in every Wednesday and let each other know if the scale went up or down. (No weight will be given, just the # of pounds lost or gained….mostly lost, I pray :-)) And we’ll tackle some topics, share some recipes and chat it up about the many facets of this universal women’s struggle.

Oh….and I’ll make sure to work in some give aways too for rewards and incentive…….




And above all, thanks for still loving me when I failed to take my own advice and let some pounds creep back on.

I so *heart* you for that, sweet cyber-sistas!

Ready to re-enter God’s Weighting Room together,


  1. Wow! Seems like there are more than a few of you that have tried Weight Watchers. I’ve been back at it for the 3rd time since January, after having baby #3. I really would like to see the scale move down. I guess I should be happy that it is not moving up. I’ve decided that I can’t do this on my own this time and really need the Lord by my side. Funny, I thought he always was by my side the last two times I lost the weight. Only this time, I sincerely invited him.

  2. Karen – your comments and story “My Triple-Braided Cord” was timed perfectly in my life. A year ago last week I joined Weight Watchers. And in just one year I managed to lose 102 of the over 200 pounds I need to lose to reach my goal weight. In the process of joining WW I met a leader who, in June of last year lead me to the Lord. It was by the grace of God I got to the 102 pounds because the undealt with emotions that got me to over 400 pounds needed to be laid down for God to take away. But when I hit my 100 pound mark, two things happened I did not expect. I swore I would not be the one to put it back on but this week I went nuts and fell into my old habit of turning to food in times of stress and emotional hardship. And I had a 3 pound gain. I can not go back to that old person so finding this encouragement was completely a God thing. The second thing that happened was that women I admired for their life in Christ started coming to me asking HOW? How did I lose 100 pounds? How do I keep it up? It is people like you that are my how. It is God that leads me to you, my WW leader, and others that are my resource to remind me that I am a temple of God and when I stop fighting with God I only win. Thank you! And count me in too!

  3. What a blessing this site is. I recently cleaned out some drawers that were overflowing and discovered some Weight Watchers materials my cousin had thrown out and given me almost over a year ago. Wow! I’ve grown tired of changing my pants multiple times to find out which ones make my fat show less…good try anyway. So, I’ve decided to give it to the Lord so I can stop wrestling with this weight issue and learn to honor Him in not what only comes out of my mouth….but also what goes in. Prayer daily, making healthier choices, watching portion sizes, exercise, lots of water, and now a wonderful site full of wonderful people who share the same battle. Thank you!

  4. God’s timing is soooo perfect!! Today’s devotion was such an encouragement as I wrestle with the decision to get back on track. I have battled with my weight most of my life until 2006 I made a decision, got committed to a program diet and exercise that resulted in a loss of 50 lbs. Even though that was only half of what I needed to loose, I felt so much better physically and emotionally! But life has a way of throwing curve balls at you and I got derailed..making a choice to return to school seemed like a good thing to upgrade my nursing degree but it seems the older I get the harder it is to burn the candle at both ends. Why is it we think food will give us more energy? Oh right …. it needs to be good food not the quick comfort foods I chose!! A significant change in my work environment took me from a committed and enthusiastic employee to a state of depression I have never experienced before in my life … thankfully I had a God who has led me through this time in my life and I know that I am on His path. Like others have mentioned, my desire today is to know the person God created – body, mind and soul!! So rather than reaching for the cinnamon bun staring me down from the kitchen counter, I will chose the detox kit I purchased in a moment of determination yesterday. Today I chose health. Thank you for the nudge today to make a better decision … I chose to be part of this Wednesday ‘strand’.

  5. I am in, but pray that I stay in. I am easily discouraged about my weight and just feel it is something I will live with. I lost over 50 pounds a few years ago and felt great, but when stress creeps in I eat. I have gained it all back and then some. I joined WW again, but have a hard time getting to the meetings. The accountability is what I need.

  6. Deb had a great quote “why do we make food our friend and comfort when we know better?”

    After seeing today’s devotion, God has been working in me the rest of the day to reveal to me that He wants me to be healthy and be the size He intended for me to be!

    Count me in as a strand for each and every one of you! I have about 90 pounds to lose. Lost 35 a few years ago and was so proud – you guessed it – I found it again plus some extra friends along for the ride. :-(

    Please hear our prayers, Lord! We are your daughters and we need your help!

  7. Karen,
    Thanks soooooo much for your devotion today. As many have stated…God knows what you need when you need it! I would love to be apart of Weight Loss Wednesdays! I definitely NEED the support! God Bless for starting this! I just love Proverbs 31 ministries! I tell everyone about it!

  8. Thank you for being such an inspiration! I have battled with weight for years, and have reached the point where I need to lose 70 lbs. I can’t seem to find the time, energy or willpower to take a step in the right direction. Today, I have been motivated by your story and your honesty. I love the Lord with all of my heart and my prayer has been and continues to be, that I would be all that the Lord wants me to be and to serve Him with every fiber of my being. Today, I commit to begin reading the Wednesday blogs and giving and receiving encouragement. I know the Lord is faithful and will bless our efforts, however we must take the steps necessary and choose to lose!! Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

  9. Hi,
    From 3/2004 until 12/2007, I lost 114 pounds, then I got married, then I began exercising, now I have gained back about 15 pounds! I am disgusted with myself over this! I am really really trying hard, because I too came off of some medications when I lost the weight and do not want to go back on them! I am 57 and had been divorced for 30 years, raising my 3 kids alone. My husband is a retired minister, and he is so good to me, so sweet and supporting. He’d never say a word about the little weight I’ve put back on. I, however, feel terribly guilty about it, and want to lose about 35 more pounds in all. Please pray with me and encourage me! I am back on a healthy eating track, and work out at the gym at least 3 x a week, mostly on the treadmill. (I also have Zumba videos that I just ordered at home but to my dismay I believe I may be too uncoordinated for that…as much fun as it appears to be!!).
    Love you all!

  10. Well……….You wouldn’t believe the “coincidence”. I just finished emailing a friend about how angry I am with myself for regaining the most recent 20 lb. loss. Then I opened my devotion for today and found you there…….addressing that very same issue. Hmmm……..a God thing. Am looking forward to joining Weight Loss Wednesdays!! With the encouragement and prayers of new-found friends I am very hopeful that I can stick with it once again. Three years ago I lost 50 lb. and felt sooooooo good!! I have gained 40 back! Why do we allow ourselves to make food our friend and comfort when we know better? I shall pray for each of you as we walk this road. I am going to recommend you to a friend as soon as I sign off. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi, Karen

    Just “found” your website today(led by the Holy Spirit) and wanted to say “thanks” for all the encouragement I found there!! I am 58, and really need to lose around 80 pounds and like most of the other’s, have tried many weight loss programs, etc. However, THIS TIME I have asked the Lord to be first and foremost to help me be an OVERCOMER!! I, too, will begin by reading your Wednesday posts, asking for your prayers, and praying and being an encourager for others. Thank you again, and God Bless!!

  12. Thank you for the encouragement. I want to lose 100 pounds but just can’t seem to get started. I will begin by reading your Wednesday posts and getting encouragement. Please pray for me and I will for you and all the other people writing in as well. Thank you again.

  13. thanks so much for your devotion today. i have been “playing around” with Weight Watchers for longer than i care to admit. a couple of weeks ago was challenged by the group leaders comment of ‘are you just dancing around this weight loss thing or are you going to do it. well the last couple of weeks i have stopped dancing and am getting with the program and have seem consistent losses. YES!!! so want to keep it up. thanks for the encouragement and accountability

  14. I am in! God has blessed me in many ways but I struggle everyday with food. It obsesses my mind during the day. Life is hectic in my world but I know that is just an excuse. I look forward to reading your words of encouragement and being accountable. My goal is to lose 40 pounds.

  15. God is truly amazing how He answers our prayers! I have struggled with weight for about the last 30 years. Loose/gain–go throught the cycle over and over. I have lost 40 pounds over the last two years but still do not have the victory in my life of being disciplined the way God calls us to do. Food is my idol and as His word says –you can’t serve two masters. I have always thought I don’t need a support group but I realize I do need some earthly accountability in fighting this earthly battle. I need to loose 30 more pounds and when reading this devotional this morning I knew God was sending it directly to me. I am in and look forward to the journey with all of you.

  16. God is Good! I have been struggling with the need to lose weight for several months. Two years ago I lost 20 pounds and was active everyday, to keep off the weight and I really began to enjoy the exercise. Well I got lazy and love to cook, so of course this means weight gain. I have been beating myself up emotional that I can’t stick to any type of weight loss on my own. I kept forgetting that I am never alone. I read your devotion today and headed right to your site with this blog. Thank you for being there…and thank God for sending me your way!

    I’m in…

  17. Wow! God’s timing really is perfect! Just yesterday I told my husband that I needed to get serious about losing weight, but that I just wasn’t motivated. I’m a stress eater and have gained weight right around my middle! I have yo-yo dieted off and on, but I’m determined to be successful this time. Today, as I read the Triple Braided Cord devotional – I knew that God was speaking directly to my heart! So count me in! I have about 45 pounds to lose!

  18. Karen,
    Like the previous 4 comments, God knew I needed this devotion today! He knew my thought of the past few days & the depression I’ve been feeling mainly due to my weight. Thanks for allowing God to use you.

  19. Hi, Karen. I am so excited that you had this devotion on Proverbs 31 today and am convinced that it was God’s plan for me on this exact day that I be led to this support group. I, too, have struggled with weight problems my entire life. When I was in my 20’s, I thougth i was terribly overweight, when actually, I was not. I did not give birth to my daughter until I was 34 and at that time, the 40 pounds I gained never went away. I would lose 10 pounds and gain 20 back. This has been my battle for the last 20 years. Today I weigh 208 and have constant pain in my legs and feet. I know that my health has deteriorated in the last several years and ignored it while I was taking care of my Mom, who was extremely sick for 5 years. I neglected my health during this time and did not even keep up with my regular doctor visits. I was trying to work fulltime and take care of two households and felt I just did not have the extra time. That was just an excuse. I did spend every single available minute with my Mom and do not regret one second. After she passed away in April, 2008, I certainly had free time to take care of myself yet I had a pity party and closed my door and ate every meal (actually, the meal started at 6:00 and lasted until 11:00 pm) front of the TV while my husband was working out of town. I literally grieved for almost two years and filled that emptiness with food. Praise God that I have been given an opportunity to wake up and recommit to turning this thing around and losing that extra 60 pounds and feeling good again. I already had scheduled a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday and am fearful of what I will learn after lab tests. Yet after seeing this site today, I feel with the support of a Christian group of friends and God’s healing power, I can do this. (Sorry I’m a little wordy…can’t shut up when I get started, even when writing!) I look forward to seeing each person’s journey and want each one to know that I will be praying for you as well!

  20. Good morning ,wow this was just what I needed .As I was reading my daily devoation from you on line I could not help but to think wow GOD knows just what we need when we need it. I lost my job 3-19-09 of ten years. I have had issues with my weight since I got married in 1991 .After having my two beautiful children 15,5 years of age . I am a very emotional eater lost my job,my Daddy was diagonsed with liver cancer 12-3-09 we had no idea he was even sick, he went home to be with the Lord 1-26-10. So with all that being said seeing this ,this morning was truly a blessing thank you all so much for what you do.I will be following you on wednesdays. thanks again Shannon Smith

  21. Loved reading your Proverbs 31 devotion this morning on the triple-braided cord… it was just what I needed! I work approx 60 to 70 hours a week and in doing so, I eat more means than I should… therefore gaining weight. I really want to join this group so that I can have others to help keep me on track and to pray for me. Thank you so much for letting God speak thru you!!!

  22. Hi Karen,
    Found your devotion today and wow! I can hardly believe the timing! (must be a God thing) last week a girlfriend and I who live 12 hours apart but have struggled with weight issues our whole lives (we are both 50ish) decided to be email support buddies – and we are doing all that you described in your devotion! I know we can sometimes think we are alone in these struggles – and we feel blessed that the Lord is allowing us to be tied together – bonds that will never break and pray for each other and support each other in so many ways. Thank you for your ministry!

  23. Hi Karen,
    I found your blog this weekend, and I was so excited! I have been leading a weight loss class in my church for the past few months called “Feeding the soul” Its been an amazing spiritual journey, but I am really feeling the calling for more of the “weight-loss” part of it. I need to lose 25 lbs. I’m excited to join this group and get some ideas to share with my class.
    1 Corinthians 10:13 has been an amazing verse for me this past week.

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