Announcing Weight Loss Wednesdays (and a winner)

First, let me say thank you to all who left comments on the subject of the last two days: frenemies. I never dreamed one little word could drum up so much emotion. Seems we’ve all either had or been a frenemy. I pray we handle these sticky situations better in the future after our little cyber discussion.

And congrats to the winner of the Starbucks card. She is:

Melinda       Timestamp: 2009/10/14 at 10:03pm

Congrats! Email me at [email protected] so I can get your home address and mail you your Starbucks card.

Now, for the kick-off of a new feature:

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I know it isn’t Wednesday, but I couldn’t start this on Wednesday this week due to the Proverbs 31 devotion I had running. So, to begin, we’ll talk about this today. Next week, check in on Wednesday. K?

Here is the dealio……many of you have read my story or watched my interview on The 700 Club. For those of you who haven’t. In 2005 I began a weight loss journey and lost over 100 pounds.

I wrote about it.

I was interviewed about it.

I spoke about it.

I was asked about it on the streets and in numerous emails.

Then, I was begged to start an online weight loss group for women for the purpose of accountability.

I hemmed and hawed. I toyed with the idea, but didn’t follow through. I had enough on my plate (pun intended) already with homeschooling, writing, speaking and such.

Besides…..I didn’t need an accountability group. I’d lost and kept off 100 pounds!

Enter the year 2009.

  • My husband was laid off from GM on Christmas Eve 2008 (yes…..Christmas Eve, thank you very much). He didn’t return to regular work until this September. That is 9 months without work, people.
  • We were forced to move from our dream home in the country, complete with a pond, 8 acres of woods, a cute little creek, a deluxe whirlpool and an executive, custom-built two story house with a stone fireplace. Bummer.
  • My only daughter and BFF graduated and moved 15 hours away to North Carolina.
  • We experienced some stress and illnesses in our extended family.

To sum things up……. 2009, thus far, has stunk!

And, as a result, instead of totally throwing myself at Jesus’ feet…..I threw myself a big ‘ole pity party.

Oh, and I invited some old friends.

Namely chocolate, salty chips, cheese and ice cream.

I, the weight loss queen, put back on 1/3 of what I lost.


*Dissonant creepy organ chords*

*Shocked raised eyebrows*

Ahem……..Humbled blogger.

Now, it is I who is in desperate need of an accountability group.

And shame, shame, shame on me for not doing it sooner for all of you who asked.

Will you forgive me?

I want to break up (again) with my old love- food.

For good this time.

Anybody else feel my pain?

I want to hit the “restart” button. To get serious about my health again and quite flirtin’ with the brownies, for the love of Pete…… Pan Peanut Butter! (Oh, I do love that stuff too!)

How about you? Are you in?

Let’s start simple.

If you want to drive a stake in the ground and say “Enough, already!”, just leave a comment today with a very basic thought.

What is your motivation? Why do you want to see the scales go down and your health increase?

I know for me, I want to feel again like I am at the weight God intended for me to be. To not feel as if I have a “Says she follows God but is a total failure with her eating” sign on my back.

Oh….and fitting into all of those smaller size clothes I bought and had given to me would be totally fun too!

Okay….your turn…..

I hope LOTS of you respond.

But if only one of you….or two or three do, that is okay.

We’ll be weight loss buddies. We’ll check in every Wednesday and let each other know if the scale went up or down. (No weight will be given, just the # of pounds lost or gained….mostly lost, I pray :-)) And we’ll tackle some topics, share some recipes and chat it up about the many facets of this universal women’s struggle.

Oh….and I’ll make sure to work in some give aways too for rewards and incentive…….




And above all, thanks for still loving me when I failed to take my own advice and let some pounds creep back on.

I so *heart* you for that, sweet cyber-sistas!

Ready to re-enter God’s Weighting Room together,


  1. Just learned of your weight loss wednesday blog through Lysa Terkeurst’s book “Made to Crave”.
    I am 52 years old – and have been overweight since puberty struck. I have attempted numerous diets – had some success (80 lbs) with pills – but have never been able to stick with anything long enough to lose much weight – and I NEED to get my weight down for medical reasons. I had an epiphany this week though and realized that my struggle is not with food – it’s spiritual. My motivation for losing weight is to restore God’s temple -my body -for His use.

  2. Good Morning! I have never heard of you, but I was introduced to you this am by Lysa Terkeurst in her devotional book Made to Crave. Today is my beginning day-committment day. Yes, I want to loose wt, get healthier, feel better, have more energy. BUT! always when asked “what is my motivation?” I have no clue. No real clue. I think what keeps popping up in my mind is peace with myself as I learn to believe that God can nuture me & I don’t have to do it with food & things. I’m grateful.

  3. I just heard about you moments ago – first time–. I need to loose and am struggling. I am learning as I read your blog. I need a plan. .spacific– but simple.. life is so busy for me. Becky

  4. Oh how I want in. As I set here typing this I am out of work today, mostly because I need an emotional overhaul.. I have been over weight most of my life, and to be honest with you, I just don’t like myself any more. I need help. I know that losing weight is not the total answer, but I know that it will help. I have a wonderful husband, son, daughter-in-law and two precious grandchildren. I want to be able to have fun with them and not get so tried all the time. The thing is, I need to lose about 200 pounds and to me that just seems impossible. But I know I can do all things through Christ, yes even lose weight. Dear friends, I so desire your prayers for me. I want to do this, I just need help. I have begun reading the Made to Crave book. I know that my family loves me and that God loves me, but I need to love myself. I truely believe that God has brought me to this web-site today. I am in. I will start making a change today with God’s help and your prayers. I know this will be a long journey, but I have to do this I will read more about this and get started today. Thank you God for bringing me to this site today.

  5. I want in, too. I see there are 3 other 2011 late-comers, so I’m not totally alone in that regard. I’d already lost 37 lbs, with a goal of 60 to lose. I’ve put back on about 4-5 lbs and I just don’t want the scale to go up any more. I want to see it going back down. I was doing awesome until Nov ’10 – my daughter’s wedding planning, the holidays, etc, got in the way of exercise and food intake. I need to get back on track. I’m going to lead the Made to Crave study at church starting in a week or so, pending arrival of materials. I have over 20 ladies coming. I’m hoping this blog will be an additional encouragement for me!!

  6. Late, but most certainly in. I had a little lady tell me once, that it is sinful to over-indulge. I want to quite letting my eating habits cause me to be a sinner. I want to be fit and healthy, to also, show my children it can be done.

  7. I’m in! I will memorize Jeremiah 29:11-14, eat less, get moving’ and come here for accountability! God loves me and wants more for me (and you, too)!

  8. Ok I’m late but I’m ready. I’m going to eat that old salad that is turning brown, dressing will hide that. I’NOT going to eat the chicken sandwich or the cheese sticks that the cafeteria is having. AND I AM going to drink at least one big glass of water today. (Hate water, I’m a diet coke girl.) The pressure is on I have to read all these and get caught up w/ you christian chicks!
    DIET ON!

  9. I just read this post. I know it’s November, but I’ve really been struggling with getting on track to lose my excess weight. From this day forward, please count me in on Weigh-in Wednesdays. Thanks and God bless

  10. Getting ready to read the posts….plan to weigh in on Wed. Feeling the transitions of having a little guy in 2009 have helped me gain and keep on the baby weight. Was 50lbs lighter before the kiddo…and at that time I thought I needed to loose. Feel as if I am not being holy when I overeat. I don’t want to be an emotional eater, and I want to regain my confidence in myself, in being healthy and being a child of God. Super excited!

  11. I just read all the post. I am in the same boat as all of you. I lost 60 lbs and have another 100 lbs. to go. I have high blood pressure and have to watch my blood sugar. I joined Curves and was doing pretty well on the working out part and then I hurt my back. So I did what we all do, made myself feel better eating whatever I wanted. Looking forward to sharing encouragement with everyone. I was so discouraged that I even stopped reading my devotionals. I am so glad that God did not give up on me.

  12. I am in! Karen, I saw you last January, right after your husband lost his job. Mine, too, lost his job around that time, and I have been throwing myself a giant pity party as well. 2009 was a tough one here, too, and I just stuffed my anger and disappointment. I cried out to God, but I have felt so alone in my struggle. I just read your posts since October, and I am in, even though it is now April. I AM IN. I AM READY FOR FREEDOM.

  13. I want to be Spirit led and not emotional led. I have turned to food and lazing around to often. I used to be a marathon runner then got injured and thyroid went and been struggling with weight for 4 years. I do want to be the weight God intended for me. I am so in love with Jesus and I would like to Glorify Him with weightloss. Is that possible, I had a lady pray over me because I felt very unworthy like this is not a God problem. But now I see clearly from the prayer that God does truly care and wants me to follow Him in weightloss.

  14. I’m in! God has been dealing with this in my life for some time and He has really convicted me recently that I need to submit to Him and the desires that He has for me to be healthy. Thank you Karen for having Weight Loss Wednesdays. I just read through all of the posts and have been encouraged.

  15. Hi My name is Judith Barnett – I am a newbee to the group. My friend Eileen suggested this web site – she’s always doing yummy things for me – thank God for her. You know what I mean? When you have one of those friends that always seems to give you what you need, before you know you need it? Anyway 2day is my BIRTHDAY, and it’s been really lovely so far – but it’s always one of those landmarks…
    “I’m supposed to be weighing such and such by now!”
    So, I try not to think about it, but it always creeps in…little sneak. (giggle) Well, I’m not sure how this works, but I’m eager to encourage and to be encouraged. AMEN! (smile)

  16. I have struggled with my weight for along time. I have been a former weight watcher member and leader. I was able to keep my weight fairly under control until about 8 years ago when I was diagnosed with a bone tumor. Although the results were no cancer I was left with an abnormal gene that has to be watched continuously. I guess that the depression and pity party must have started when I found out I didn’t feel well and has continued ever since. I have tried a couple of other weight loss programs and even HCG shots with some success but only to gain the weight back when I stopped. I hope to be able to receive encouragement and support and learn from those that have struggled with the same problems I have or similar ones. Success is in numbers and the encouragement I can receive from online sisters by putting my faith in God would be awesome.

  17. I have spent a lifetime gaining and losing weight. As a child I spent some time in a wheelchair due to some surgeries and started packing on weight which continued into my adulthood. Everytime I have lost a significant amount of weight (at one time I lost over 100 pounds) I have had a surgery that has kept me sedentary for a time and I regained the weight. Then a few years ago I lost my Dad to a 10 year fight with cancer and since then I haven’t been able to motivate myself to lose the weight. Then I received an email with a devotion from this group and I am motivated to try again. I can’t do this alone. I am putting my faith in God first and then the support I anticipate receiving from others who have struggled with their weight. I hope to hear how others are succeeding and also hope to offer some sort of encouragement to my online sisters.

  18. I am tired. I am tired of being overweight; I am tired of always being on a diet of some sort; I am tried of always being the biggest one in the crowd; I am tired of watching what I eat; I am tired of allowing food to rule my life; I am tired of not allowing my precious Saviour to rule this part of my life.
    I simply want to be healthy and feel good about the physical part of me. I have grown so much spiritually, but when you hold back a secret part of your life from the Lord, you have not really surendered all. Lord and friends, I so want to give this to the Lord and need friends to pray and encourage me.
    I am in!

  19. I am starting to overeat again, and I haven’t been exercising due to being sick and also not getting enough sleep at times. I was very happy when I was losing and felt like it was glorifying God, but now I am sort of eating whatever I want to eat, whenever. So I need support to start taking control over what I eat and I feel God can help me to glorify him with my body. I am needful of other ladies support and that is why I am here.

  20. I’m in. Your devotional on Wednesday really spoke to me about including God in losing weight. I have tried and failed on my own and I realize that, just like in every other area in my life, He wants to be a part of this.

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