Fall Giveaway…

Update: The fall basket-in-a-box is ready to go! Read the rest of the post and comment to be entered.The basket includes:

  • Two fall finger-tip towels
  • A bottle of Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion
  • Some honeyrose beeswax lip gloss
  • A pack of three Pumpkin Spice votive candles with holder
  • A fall ceramic mug
  • Two packets spiced cider mix
  • A one pot serving of hazelnut decaf ground coffee
  • A decorative wooden pumpkin
  • Some M & M fun size packets (for the kids)
  • A large Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate-Hazelnut bar (for YOU!!)

Winner will be announced over the weekend. Oh, and while we are on the subject of fall, here are a few pictures of our fall decor.

Our fireplace:


Our dining room table (complete with crafts Kenzie –now 18 and moved out–made in elementary school sniff, sniff…..):


And the giveaway for this week. (Basket not included. They are sorta hard to mail)


Now, back to the original post……


Leaves of gold and red and burnt orange, the smell of celebratory bonfires, the crisp cool air and autumn sun dancing through puffy whites clouds, apple cider and canning applesauce…I LOVE FALL!!

I honor of my love of this season, I am offering a giveaway this week. A basket-in-a-box full of goodies and fun fall things. However, right now I need to get some school done with my boys and run a few errands to get the rest of the fun, fall items. A few of the treats and treasures are already purchased and waiting to cheer someone. The rest?

Still at the store.

So, get on with your day and pop back in later. Hopefully I’ll have an update and a picture posted of said girly, fall give away. In the mean time, be thinking of a fall favorite of yours you can leave a comment on: favorite aspect of fall, autumn memory or yummy, warm-up recipe. All those who leave a comment sharing any “fall favorite” will be placed in the drawing for the giveaway.

Right now, I need to hit the books with my boys. Let’s hope it is a better day than yesterday when my eleven-year old, bored with his science assignment, asked if instead of T and F for ‘true’ and ‘false, he could put RO and BC for ‘right on’ and ‘bull crap’!!!


Autumn Blessings,

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a lurker! :) Had to come out of hiding for this great giveaway!!!
    Fall is one of my favorite seasons (Spring being the other)! My best fall memories are of those with my Grandaddy and jumping in his leaf piles!!! I still love to do that with my kids!
    Happy Fall Ya’ll!!! :)

  2. Hi,
    This is my first visit here and I see this fantabulous give away. The lip gloss and candles sound especially scrumptious.
    Please enter me in the drawing.
    My favorite part of autumn is that we get rain, precious rain. Where I live we get no rain in summer, and today I eagerly await rain forecast for early next week.
    The air will smell so good and rain is God’s way of washing all the plants and trees which I love. Everything including the air will be so clean after a rain.

  3. FAll…..memories of my children raking and jumping in the leaves when they were young. Trips along the Blue Ridge Parkway – driving and then stopping to hike and take pictures in the beautiful Virginia mountains. Carving pumpkins, separating the “goo” from the seeds. Toasting the seeds to eat – yummy! I love the change in seasons, the chill in the air, the beautiful reminders in nature of God’s bounty.

  4. My favorite fall recipe is definitely pumpkin oatmeal — I love adding canned pumpkin and chocolate chips to my oatmeal. A tasty (if a little decadent) way to start a morning ;)

  5. Fall is my favorite time of year! My birthday is in October, so that’s always a plus. I love the crisp air, the bright colors and it always reminds me of family. Growing up Thanksgiving was the holiday that all of our family gathered at home (my grandparents house actually). Those weekends hold some of my sweetest memories. I also enjoy baking these muffins…Pumpkin chocolate chip…they bring such a warm, spicey smell to the house.

  6. I love fall with its crisp breezes and beautiful colors. I just hope it lasts awhile since I heard it is supposed to snow Tuesday! I heard you at Hearts at Home this past weekend and I just wanted to say “thank you for sharing”. I was so encouraged to know that other people go through the ups and downs, too. Thank you for being real and sharing from your heart.

  7. Fall is just a yummy time of year! I love the beginning of a new school year! The fall high school football games on Friday nights in my small town. The whole town shows up at the games, and we visit! It is so much fun with a hint of coolness in the air and the crickets begin to hop around more. The fall holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving are some of my favorites. Thank God for Fall and for for you!

  8. My favorite thing about fall is the beautiful oranges and reds of the leaves. I also like raking big piles of leaves and jumping in them with my kiddos. I also really enjoy making soups, chili,and muffins so at the first hint of cooler air, I am ready to make fall food! In fact we had roasted vegetable soup and bran muffins for supper tonight. Yummy! The soup is really easy to make. You just roast any veggies you like in a 425 degree oven for about 25 min. I toss them with olive oil and course salt first. Then put them in a large pot with 1 qt. chicken stock and 2-4 cups chicken broth. Simmer for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I puree the soup so I can hide things like rutabega! Tonights soup was made with leftover veggies from Monday night! Super easy and quite delicious!

  9. Being a “runner girl” I am enjoying the cool fall weather and I’m glad not to have to run 10+ miles in the heat and humidity we have all summer long here in Virginia. That said, I really love the change of seasons best. Crisp fall days are great, winter cold is good as long as it doesn’t last too long, spring is really my favorite season, and summer is fun because it always seems to go at a more relaxed pace. Your comment about your boys made me laugh. My boy is a senior in college and I rarely get to see him. Enjoy yours while you can!

  10. Karen, I adore fall. When we lived in Arizona for five years we yearned to experience the wonders of Fall. To witness the changes in the color of foliage and then to see the trees shed those leaves and prepare for a season of rest. Fall always reminds me of the seasons of life and what beauty comes in the Spring along with the changes that God has made in my life.

    Love to you and thank you for your ministry!

  11. I love fall! I love the cool crisp air & colorful leaves. I love apple orchards and pumpkins, candles and camp fires. I love hiking through the mountains and walking beside a mountain river! My family usually takes at least one trip to the mountains during the fall. It is always my chance to thank God for His wonderful, majestic glory!

  12. Too funny about the RO and BC options. I love a windy, blustery Pooh-type day in the fall. Kicking through leaves with my jacket collar turned up gets all the cobwebs out of my brain and, cold nose and ear tips nothwithstanding, gets me all set for the best time of the year.

  13. I LOVE FALL! It’s my favorite season. I am a photographer so it’s prime time for me. I love the beautiful trees and bushes, apple orchards, apple cider, candles that smell of cinnamon and autumn smells….I could go on. I live in Michigan too and it’s been days of rain and we can’t really enjoy fall right now so I’m hoping for a little less rain so I can take the kids to the apple orchard. Ps I truly enjoyed your American Idle at Hearts At Home, thanks for keeping it real and sharing the real you to the real us. You’re a blessing.

  14. Fall … The crackle of a fire, the crunch of leaves under foot, the harvest sky, watching cherub children take a running leap as they jump high into the autumn air, and land with a swoosh in the mile high fragrant scarlet & gold leaves, topped off with a nice bowl of pumpkin soup, a swig of cider, and some cinnamon dusted donuts. That’s my picture of fall — a bowl of yum. Thank you Karen, for reminding all of us of the joys of fall. Bless.

  15. It would be so easy to just say “ditto” to everyone’s post. I, too, love fall. The colors, smells, temperature. When I was younger my brother and I rode horses. Once we came over a hill and all the trees were gold, red and yellow. My brother commented that they look like they were on fire. He was only 10 and it was a very special moment for us. Fall was also my father’s favorite time and he passed away two summers ago.

  16. What a great blog, including two of my favorite things – fall and boys! That comment by your son cracked me up! And the fall crafts by McKenzie made me teary and led me to pray for you guys! melanie

  17. I enjoy the Fall too!!!! My favourite thing about the fall is celebrating my anniversary. My husband and I were married on a beautiful day in October. I love the feel of fall, the smell of fall, the colour of fall and the food of fall!

    Thanks for doing this give-away. Don’t know that I’m really eligible as I’m from Ontario, but thought I’d share my fall favourites anyway.

    Have a great day!

  18. I love fall! I love all the harvesty things that go with it, and when I was a kid, that meant spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I loved helping Mom peel apples and run the food mill to can applesauce – there’s nothing better than sweet, homemade applesauce. Homemade pumpkin pie is good, too, and after my great-grandmother taught me how to make pie crust her way, my mom and I would work together to make the pies for Thanksgiving. I’d make the crust, and my mom would make her mother’s tricky pumpkin filling. Even now, as soon as the weather starts to cool and leaves begin falling, I head to the market to get a bushel of apples and start making pies. Yum!

  19. One of my favorite memories of fall involves jumping into a huge pile of leaves with my sister. Every year, my dad would gather all the leaves in one spot for us to jump in. That is, until one time we jumped in, and a critter of some sort scurried out. It suddenly didn’t seem like so much fun! :) Happy Fall!

  20. I love Fall, all of the beautiful colors, cooler weather, except we don’t get much of that in the Houston, TX area! I can dream though.I love to bake my grandmother’s pumpkin pie, gather with friends and family for football, foo, fun & fellowship. Keep posting pictures of what Fall really looks like!

  21. Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, scents, food and football! My most favorite part of the season is pumpkin ice cream!

  22. First of all, I am also homeschooling an 11 year old boy, and can I really RELATE with you. My daughters are 23 & 25. He was my big-surprise-no-its-not-menopause baby at age 41.
    Anyways….I started homeschooling in 1996. Fall became a favorite with us, because we didn’t have the dreaded start of school issue. We live in Western NY State. If the weather cooperates, we just love to ride on the back roads and absorb the beautiful colors. Fall also signifies fall festivals with pumpkins, apples, grapes, cider & donuts (and many other goodies!)

    I can also relate, Karen, to your missing Kenzie. My 23 daughter was married at age 21. She still lives in the same town as myself, but what a melancholy time. I cried for quite a few months every time I walked into her old bedroom – what a sappy mom I can be! Guess it is cause I am mostly Italian!

  23. Fall is my all time favorite time of year. I love watching the landscape change…it’s as if God uses a big paint brush and gives us a new painting each week to enjoy. Plus the annual trip to Uncle Johns for cider and donuts has been a momory of mine from childhood…now we take my daugheter! And who can resist football cheering on your highschool kids to victory!

  24. Favorite Fall Memory:

    I remember raking leaves with Mom and Dad. Then we would leap into the piles and throw leaves at one another! We did eventually clean up the leaves. I still love the smell of fall, leaves, and marshmallows roasting over the fire. Fall is also a great time of reflection for me as I watch the leaves change and prepare for winter.

  25. I also love the fall outdoor colors and it seems I appreciate them more the older I get! I love anything homemade with apples…applesauce, apple crisp, apple cake, baked apples,…yum!

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