My Baby Girl (and a chance to win a Target $$$ card!)

Oh ladies…..many of you know that our oldest child and only daughter moved to Charlotte, NC this fall to attend cosmetology school and be loved on by my Proverbs 31 sisters. She currently lives with Wendy, works for Lysa and Renee sometimes, and at Melanie and hubby’s gym teaching volleyball other times. She loves school, her new family, all her jobs and Charlotte in general.

We are missing her like crazy. She is my baby girl, after all. Then, yesterday, she got to meet Renee’s baby girl.  (If you aren’t familiar with Renee, she just adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia.)

While making corn chowder, correcting papers and going about my daily afternoon routine, Kenz texted me this picture yesterday.


I bawled.

I never in all my life have seen her looking so grown up to me. And that baby? The sweetest girl EVER, Kenz assures me.

Someday I’ll share the whole story of her move and my resulting momma emotions.

For now, if you have a baby girl– love on her, whether near or far away. And realize that we moms so shape how our daughters turn out.

More is caught than taught.

I pray our actions find our kids catching us modeling Christ.

Side note: Today Lysa Terkeurst, P31 president, is giving away a $20 Target gift card – yahoo!  The winner will be chosen from the comments left on my site or any of the P31 speaker sites. (You can find them in my sidebar on the blogroll) Leave a comment for any of us and you might be the winner!


  1. Love that picture of our girls together! We had such a sweet time here yesterday with Kenzie helping me around the house and playing with Aster. I know you miss her but I sure do love having her as my go-to girl on Mondays. She’s got such a willing servant’s heart to help however I need her – cooking, carpooling, cleaning, laundry and baby love! I know she caught that from you – always willing to do whatever will help! Love you and love your girl!


  2. It IS a great picture! Thanks for the reminder that we influence our little ones in myriads of ways every day. :-)

  3. As an empty nester of two sons, I know the pain of children leaving home. Some days, I want them to be home…in their rooms…listening to their laughter and stories. BUT, I am so thankful for our grandson, the son of my older son and daughter-in-law!!! What a joy!! I am, also, thankful that my baby…25 year old son…has a great job and house! It’s so hard to give wings to our babies! Enjoy and love them…every chance you get.
    So happy for Renee…and that Kenzie has such great women around her!

  4. Wow! What an eye opener! After a rough morning before school with my nine year old, it puts life into perspective! Thanks!

  5. What a fabulous adventure for Kenzie! She has a front row seat for watching God in action! I know it is tough to have her so far away but if she has to be away what better place than in Charlotte with all of your sisters in Christ caring for her and building in to her life! This is such a sweet picture of her with Aster.

  6. Karen,
    Thanks for the message. It brought tears to my eyes. My oldest is in her 2nd year of college and I miss her very much. The wonderful thing about our kids growing up is watching them find their wings. Many blessing to you!!!

  7. They grow up too fast but you certainly have a great group of friends helping to watch over her. Baby Aster is a blessing. I have been following her story on Renee’s blog. God is good!!

  8. I have been following Renee’s journey in bringing Aster home. What a wonderful family little Aster has been blessed with–not only Renee’s but the whole P31.

    Thank you for sharing this picture.

    Our mom’s do shape us and I am blessed to have been raised by a God fearing/loving momma who is my best friend.

    God Bless!!!

  9. What a great picture Karen!! I have 2 boys that were adopted and we are praying that God will allow us to adopt a baby girl. I love every moment with my 2 boys but so want to have a little girl to dress up, have tea parties with, and go shopping. They all grow up so fast.

  10. Hey, I’m right there with you on those mama emotions! God is good, and He will give you the Grace that you need when you are missing her! Have a great visit with her this weekend! Love you!

  11. I don’t have a girl just a boy he to is adopted an only child but such a joy. I enjoy every moment. The picture is so sweet and reminds me to enjoy every monent that I have with him.

  12. My daughter is 14, and my husband and I were talking just yesterday how she will be going off to college in just 4 short years and driving a car in just two short years. Yikes!! When they are really little and people tell you it goes so fast, you don’t really believe them. But now that she is older, it goes so fast I can hardly believe it!! Our sons are 7 and 11 and they are also entering the zone of “time goes so fast”!!

  13. What a beautiful picture.

    My daughter is 13 and the time is moving too fast! I love that we have a good relationship and she asks that I always stay close to her and watch over her. However, I know the time is fast approaching when I won’t have her as close to me, so I cherish the moments I have now.

  14. I admire your courage, Karen. I’m thankful that my daughter isn’t at that leaving home stage yet.

    Glad to know that your daughter is enjoying spreading her wings a bit.

    Sounds like baby Aster isn’t starving for too much attention these days! What a cute pair!

  15. Hi Karen,
    I’m praying for you as you are missing your daughter. I don’t have any girls, but am missing my oldest son who is in college in Florida.


  16. I can see why you bawled! It makes me wanna adopt a baby girl. My baby girl, 14 years old, begs us to adopt daily.

    I know you are feeling that extra special mom blessing today.

  17. Hi Karen,
    What a sweet picture. I don’t have any daughters but I have two sons and I sent the youngest one of to college this fall. I can feel your momma pain. Things have really been different around our house. I try to put my trust in God, and know that he loves my sons more then I can imagine and that he has a plan for each of their lives. This trust helps me through this new phase in my life.

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