10th Day of Christmas Giveaway…..with Leah DiPascal

Attention Weight Loss Wednesday gals….Do not fear! We are still checking in today. Just scroll down past this 12 Days of Christmas interview to see our WLW post. After, of course, you’ve entered today’s giveaway!

jc0008bWe are hitting the homestretch people! There are just three Proverbs 31 gals left for me to introduce you to this year in our special series. NOTE: If you are just joining us in our 12 Days of interviews and giveaway goodies, click here to get caught up. You can enter to win the prizes on any of the 12 posts until midnight EST on this coming Sunday, December 13th.

Today, you get to meet a pretty important woman at Proverbs 31 Ministries (not to mention a pretty woman too!), especially to our radio show co-host Renee Swope. Leah DiPascal is Renee’s personal assistant. Basically that means she is half of her brain :-) (And with all Renee has going on in her life right now, she could use that half a brain!) She  is eagerly helpful, constantly  prayerful and adds so much to the ministry of Proverbs. She is one of those gals everyone wishes were her friend and I am fortunate to count her as one of mine.

So now, on our 10th day of Christmas, meet the sweet Leah DiPascal:

Leah is a very ordinary woman who serves a very extraordinary God.Leah.picture

She loves teaching God’s life giving Word to women of all ages. One of her heart’s desires is to help women understand who they are in Christ and teach them how to experience a more intimate relationship with Him. Leah lives in Charlotte, NC and is a wife to Keith and mom to Brody (14 yrs) and Carson (10 yrs).  She also has the incredible privilege of being on staff with Proverbs 31 ministries as assistant to Renee Swope.

Leah loves to travel with her family, play tennis, to go shopping with friends, and enjoy a homemade latte with her husband every morning.  She teaches a women’s Bible study and serves on the executive message team at her church.

You can email Leah at Leah.Proverbs31@gmail.com to connect with her.  She also is on Face book under Leah Hofmann DiPascal or she’d love for you to visit her blog at www.LeahDiPascal.blogspot.com

Leah, Can you share a Christmas tradition the DiPascal family has enjoyed over the years?

Sure! Each year our family receives Christmas cards from friends and family.  Most of them include photos which we really enjoy.  It’s amazing to see how everyone changes from one year to the next.

We place these cards in a basket and each night during dinner time someone gets to pull a Christmas card.  We’ll share a special memory about the loved ones in the photo and then pray for them before eating.  The following day, I’ll email that particular family and let them know that we prayed for them.

It’s a great way to focus on others during the Christmas season plus, it’s a lot of fun and our family really looks forward to it each year.

What activities do you most look forward to doing with your family at the holidays?

We love going to Christmas concerts.  There is a huge church in our area that hosts one every year.  The production includes over 300 singers, a full orchestra, drama, dance, and live animals.  It is spectacular and helps our family focus on the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

Our oldest son is also in a teen choir and they have Christmas productions every year.  It so touches our hearts to see over 150 teens singing praises to God and rejoicing over the birth of Jesus Christ.

Do you have a favorite movie you watch at this time of year?

Our family loves to watch movies together.  Friday nights are movie nights in our home and during Christmas time we always watch “Elf” and “Jingle All the Way”.

You are offering a wonderful prize today to one of our cyber sisters. Can you tell us about it?

Yes, I’m so excited about my give-away.  I love clothes and always enjoy having something new in my closet to wear.  So, I’ve decided to give away a Proverbs 31 t-shirt today.  It’s one of my favorites!  If you’d like to take a peek, just click on the link below. The winner will just have to let us know what size to send.


Thanks Leah for stopping by today and for the great giveaway!

Okay gals, since Leah is giving away an article of clothing, leave a comment today on the most memorable item to wear you ever gave or received at Christmas. Maybe it was a sweater, a piece of jewelry or a crazy item given as a joke. Perhaps it was a treasured article of clothing you opened as a child. As always, if you can’t think of something or have cookies burning in the oven and little time to comment, just say, “I’m in!”

I’ll start.

Hands down, the item to wear I most remember was when, in 1976  as a sixth grader, on Christmas morning I got a pair of white go-go boots.

Man did I look snappy wearing those shiny, stretchy, chunky-heeled wonders to Hayes Middle School that first Monday in January 1977 ……in 4 feet of snow!

Kinda hard to see white, knee-high, go-go boots in 4 feet of fluffy white snow. But I still hoped Benji Rivera would notice how hip I looked and ask me to the mid-winter dance.

How about you? Any special item to wear that you remember?

Wearing-a-Holiday-Smile Blessings,

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  1. Last year, our one and a half year old Grandson (and his Mom, our daughter) got to our house for Christmas. Our grandson started talking as soon as he got here and he finally had “names” for my husband and me. He called us “Durandpa and Durandma”. It was great – now we are just Grandpa and Grandma. :)

  2. A few years ago, my parents gave my sisters, sister in law, and me each a small diamond pendant. My mom got herself one too. =) A few weeks later, my dad had major bypass surgery. Without discussing it, we all showed up at the hospital wearing our matching pendants. It was…indescribably meaningful to us.

  3. the diamond engagement ring that my husband gave to me six years after we got married, as a surprise Valentine’s day gift. i cried my eyes out.

  4. My grandmother knitted me a Christmas Sweater that I still have today. I love it. I know they really aren’t “in style” any more, but I proudly wear it because of all the hard work she put into it. It is one thing I will always keep.

  5. My husband and I were dating – we went to a New Year’s Eve event – I had the most beautiful black dress. He picked it out and I loved it! We have a photo from that night and it brings back lots of fablous memories!

  6. One Christmas, when my girls were little I made matching dresses for the three of us. I loved them. Of course, now there is no way I could get them to wear matching outfits!

  7. I have a really neat Santa sweatshirt that my mom gave me. A friend of hers painted it and now is about 15 years old, but it still looks great! :)

  8. I love everything Christmas and snowmen. Two clothes items that I think are really special were made by my sister-in-law. A Christmas sweatshirt and some Snowman PJ’s.

  9. One year I wanted New Kids on the Block everything for Christmas. Well during that next year is when the group broke up. That next Christmas my mom had a NKB sweatshirt for me. It was really hard to pretend I liked it. My husband now hold ransom the picture of my in that lovely sweatshirt.

    Julie =)

  10. what a good idea about praying for those who sent christmas cards! And Elf is a big hit in our household, my 16 y/o dau loves it!

  11. A white sweatshirt with a horse and Christmas bells on it that my sister made for me. It was both precious and little ridiculous, but I loved that she made it for me.

  12. My favorite piece of clothing I received as a gift was a sweater my husband picked out all by himself the first year we were married. He even got the size right.

  13. I got a Christmas sweather as a gift one year and wore it several times every Christmas. It’s kind of ratty looking now, so haven’t worn it for a year or two. My kids were always making me Christmas jewelry when they were young, so also have many light bulb reindeer pins, cinnamon stick christmas tree pins, etc.

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