Crossing Out Christ? And a Last Minute Shopping Tip

Friday Update: Hi all! Had a few things come up in the past two days including a trip to ER for my hubby (who is doing better, thanks to some drugs and a few days off of work.) Diagnosis?- Sciatica. Most painful thing EVER I am told by women who’d rather have several babies at once with no drugs than five minutes of this pinched-nerve back trouble. Prayers appreciated!

Anyhow, I’ll be back Monday with a giveaway in conjunction with a devotion I’ll have running at Proverbs. Then, my  18 year-old daughter will be guest posting a few days next week. She will post some holiday musings of hers I read on her Facebook that I’ve asked her to share with you. Get out the tissues, ladies….I’m just sayin’…..

Happy “one-more-week-of-shopping” everyone! Got a tip for you to get a boatload of free stocking stuffers, but first I want to talk about something that makes many Christian’s blood boil this time of year.

It is the “crossing out of Christ” many refer to when they see the term Xmas used instead of Christmas. It offends them, it ruffles their feathers and sometimes, it even causes them to say and do mean things to those who have used that horrible X instead of the word Christ. Or, sometimes others sweetly inquire as to why someone uses that X, as a Facebook friend of mine did not too long ago. Her comment got me thinking and I’d like to address this practice here.

Once upon a time, “Xmas” ticked me off too. However, when in college I learned the origin of this practice, I ceased my feelings of “ticked-ness” Let me tell you why….

I used to think people were crossing out Christ when they put an X. However, I found that through church history we can trace the usage of the symbol X for Christ (like the symbol of the icthus fish for Christian)

In many manuscripts of the New Testament, X abbreviates Christos (Xristos). In ancient Christian art, X and XR (Chi Ro–the first two letters in Greek of Christos) abbreviate His name. This practice turned up in the Old English language as early as AD 100. Also, the Bible translator Wycliff and other devout Christian believers regularly used X as an abbreviation for Christ.

I use an X occasionally when I post on the Internet, mostly because when I update my status via Twitter I am limited to 140 characters. It is just a shortcut for me and I know that I am in good company when I use an X as a symbol for Christ. I also think of Christ dying on the cross when I cross that X. In fact, every time I write a capital X now for any reason, I always think of it being a symbol for Christ.

Now, for those people who really are anti-Jesus and use an X to replace his name on purpose…..well, I find it humorous that they think they are “crossing Him out” when in fact they are using a treasured church history symbol for our Lord instead. He he!

Now, for a last minute shopping tip… For any of you gals who live in an area of the country that has Rite Aid and Walgreens Pharmacies, these stores are offering free $25 gift cards if you will transfer a prescription to their store.

Now, we usually don’t have many on-going scripts but did have a few refill situations come up this month. So, I transferred two scripts from Rite Aid to Walgreens and two from Walgreens to Rite Aid. Voila! I now have $100 in gift cards to use to stuff stockings for Christmas! That was easy! (Oops….no…that is Staples, right? My bad.)

These stores have great individual Christmas candies like Snickers Reindeer and Reece’s Peanut Butter trees, make up and perfumes, guy shampoos and body sprays, candles, stationary, fun soft drinks, nuts, treats…and on and on….. all free to me now thanks to about 1/2 hour of my time while running errands one day!

Thought you’d like to know…

Now, to leave a little money on one of those cards and then hint to my dear hubby what perfume I’d like……

Christmas AND Xmas Blessings,


  1. Karen, I’m soooo happy you posted this! My mom is one of those offended by using X in Xmas. And since I’ve visited my friend’s Lutheran church in grade school and seeing the X and P (or is it an R?)on the banners, I found out what X meant! :) I thought of making Christmas cards some year with this explanation because I like to educate others being a homeschooling momma and all. ;)
    Wowza that’s alot in gift cards! Merry little Christmas! ;)

  2. One of my friends on FB yelled at people about using x on their posts! I LOVE that I can feel better about using X. I always thought of it as the cross on Jesus’ back. I’ve seen that picture many times! Thanks Karen!!!!!!

  3. My 11 year old daughter just asked me about this yesterday!!

    I didn’t have the accurate historical information you shared, but I told her that I believed the X reminded me of the cross too. I’ll share this with her so she can have the added tidbits of the history too. Thanks Karen!

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