Weight Loss Wednesday- Post-Turkey Ponderings

Welcome Wednesday Weightloss Gals(If you are just happening upon this site  and want to join us, click here to get caught up or simply leave a comment today. We’d love to have you!!) 

Today’s post will be short due to my having to host the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. But I didn’t want us to skip two weeks, especially at the holidays, so we’ll still check in.

Soooooo….how’d it go? The big Thanksgiving meal show-down, I mean. Did you stuff a turkey and yourself? Or, did you make a plan and stick to it? Or was it half-and-half?

I was praying for us as a WLW team, asking God to grant us self-control.

Now, I really want to know how you did.

I planned to eat some turkey, veggies and fresh cranberry relish along with some low-fat spinach dip and a piece of crustless pumpkin pie. Then, if I stuck to my plan, I would be rewarded on my shopping trip Friday with a yummy and sweet skim-milk latte.

I’d like to say it was easy sticking to the plan, but it wasn’t. Actually, it was kind of torturous.

I pouted a little as I passed the potatoes.

I drooled as the dressing went by.

A glance at the gravy made me long for a big plate of fattening fixin’s.

And the homemade pecan pie….it nearly made me cry.

And, to top it off, I spoke Saturday and Sunday at two nights of a wonderful Advent by Candlelight event with the most decadent and yummy desserts you ever saw in all your live-long days.

But I had a plan. I told all of you my plan. And I said I’d stick to it.

So….thanks to the accountabiblity here, I did.

And now, I am thankful I ignored the cries of the fattening foods and instead enjoyed the simple healthy treats on my little ole’ plan last Thursday. And had just a bite or two of dessert and some piping hot coffee at those Advent events.

For this morning the scale  (for the third week in a row–this is gettin’ strange) showed a loss of 3.4 pounds.

Hmmmm….decisions….decisions….big plate of fattening food? Or a 3.4 pound loss? Which one do I want more?!?

Duh!!!! I’m glad, despite the feels-good-for-a-moment temptation, that I made the right choice-thanks to YOU HERE ON WLW!!!!

Now, how did you do? 

Please, if your week was slightly bad (or waaaay bad) and the scale this morning was NOT your friend, still check in. Let us know how your week went. You never have to say what you weigh or exactly how much you lost or gained if you don’t want to. And remember, you can always simply say “restart”. We’ll all know what you mean and will pray extra hard for you this week.

See ya next Wednesday!



  1. Hey Ladies!! Glad everyone survived Thanksgiving. I lost 2 1/2 #’s. Very surprising!! I ate what I wanted on Thanksgiving day, but only ate one meal. I got busy and forgot to check in last week so I did not go in with a plan. I worked very hard in my yard Fri & Sat so that helped burn up the calories. I’m very excited because this is not natural for me to lose that much in one week. However, yesterday had a funeral dinner after losing a cousin to cancer and ate way to much. Just the stress of the situation. But hopefully back on today. I’ve not exercised much the last week, so really want to get back at that tonight. Contrats on the weight loss Karen and all the other WLW losers!! :) To those who didn’t keep your chins up everyone and keep praying! We can do it!

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Thanksgiving went pretty well for me. After we arrived at our destination for the day, I went for a 2 mile walk with my dad. We walked outside and it was freezing cold! However, it was a good workout. At the big meal I ate in moderation and I did have desert. I am down 2 lbs. this week and am very thankful! I have a feeling the next few weeks will be more difficult as I start making Christmas treats at my house!

  3. Hello-
    I stuck to my plan….eating my healthy sweet potatos, cranberry sauce and stuffing. I was so busy I didn’t even get a slice of my low fat/cal pumpkin cheese cake (I guess that’s a good thing!) but had a slice the next day.

    It’s great having the accountability.

    Deanna76–welcome! And welcome to others who have joined. Good for you to do this; I know how difficult it can be after having a baby.

  4. We have a very large family gathering at Thanksgiving so food is served buffet style. I sort of went into “automatic” and started putting a little of everything on my plate as I made my way down the buffet table. I didn’t even realize that I had taken stuffing and sweet potato until it was too late – drats!! Of course, I could have just left those bad boys on the plate, but nooo, I had to eat them. I did go for the walk afterwards like I had planned and did not have any pie. I did have a small slice over the weekend though. The scale remains unchanged from last week.
    Congrats to all who lost weight! For those of us who did not, keep trying. It will happen! :)

  5. Well, I pretty much ate everything I saw but just in moderation. Not much of a plan! But the scale did not go up or down. It stayed the same at 146 so after the holiday weekend I am okay with that.

  6. A plan sure helps! I had one and am glad I stuck with it! I did fine at the actual meal but all the yummy snacks and desserts are way too tempting and knew that would be my downfall. I planned ahead and had a pack of gum (Extra Fruit Sensation) in my pocket that I was able to pop in my mouth instead of the yummy snacks. Boy was I glad when I had a 2.5 lb weight loss this week. I am down a total of 10 lbs. My first weeks were a struggle but something kicked in 3 weeks ago and I have been faithfully losing.

  7. I am starting today! I had lost 20 pounds a year ago…. then had a baby! Today is the first day of getting things back on track post-baby…. tracking points…. I love that I found this “group”! Have a great week!

  8. Did not stick to my plan last week. Did fair at the dinner time, but later got pulled into the dessert table. Oh wait nothing pulled me in; it was my choice to eat the pie. Harder for me was the whole weekend was party centeral. Loved the people, loved the visiting, didn’t make wise eatting choices. I know I can do better, and I will do better. The scale was merciful and I stayed the same. Way better then an upward motion. But I know I did not honor my God with the way I ate. So that is my true goal. I want to treat this body as a temple, so this week I will do better.
    Fantastic job Karen, You are an inspiration.

  9. Just starting in with you gals…the 8 pounds I lost during kidney stone surgery magically reappeared with a couple of tag along pounds. So back in the saddle for me… :)

  10. After a (gulp) 7 pound gain last week (we had to have Thanksgiving early), I lost 2 of them this morning. Hopefully the other 5 will come off fairly quickly and I can start losing additional weight again. Everyone keep the faith!!

  11. I stayed the same this week. I see that I need to be more focused on writing down the food. I have been trying to fit exercise in but this past week has just been a struggle for me. I am encouraged to se so many people have lost weight, way to go!

  12. Congratulations Karen! I am so proud of you for sticking to your plan for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I didn’t do as well, I gained (I dislike that word) 1 lb. Keep up the good work.

    jekkaj, congratulations on your loss of 3.5 pounds, but sorry for you having food poisoning over the weekend. Hope you are feeling better.

  13. Hi again, I had to check back in to read how all of you have done. Restarting and staying the same is ok too. Like all of you have said who did stay the same, is it could have gone the other way.

    Cheryl, here are a couple of tips for the cheese cake night.
    First get water right away to drink, it does seem to help you fill up faster, and no calories, and the price is right too. Eat with moderation before you go, light, but don’t skip your meals because you will be starving and really overeat. I like the idea that your husband is willing to share an entree, that really shows how he is being supportive to you, so if you want go with that, and then have your dessert.

    and then how about a nice romantic walk, even if it is cold when you get home to end the night.

    I am sure others will have good suggestions for you too, but definately try the water and don’t starve yourself. Enjoy your time.

    Welcome to momofgmd. I think you will find this group very helpful. I know that this past week everytime I thought of eating I thought of the WLW gals, and said no way. Good Luck to you.

    I will pray for all of us to have a wonderful week.

  14. I lost 3.5 pounds!!!! After two weeks of gaining, I lost. Now of course the Lord helped me out by allowing me to have food poisoning over the weekend but I am thankful for the loss. It motivates me to keep trying and moving.

  15. I would love to join this group! I have tried hard this year to lose weight. Sticking to a strict diet and and exercising with my mom. However, while Mom’s scale was dropping, mine was steadily climbing! After a steady gain of about 10 pounds, I gave up on the strict diet and exercise that I was doing. All in all, I gained about 15 pounds over the last year. I did finally go to the doctors and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I’ve been on medication for a couple of months now, and my thyroid is now regulated. This accountability is just what I need to get back on track and see if my body will cooperate with me this time. :)

  16. You did great Karen!

    I joined this group several weeks ago but haven’t really been serious about losing weight. I just hit that wall after T-gvg where I am so sick of feeling this bad…the lack of energy and body pains are just no way to live. I need to lose 60 pounds and it is time to change. I heard a phrase the other day from Dave Ramsey but it related to my weight loss journey. It’s something like, “It’s time to change when the pain of ‘same’ is greater than the pain of ‘change’.” That made so much sense to me. Being the same is entirely too painful for me right now.

    So….I got myself a cute notebook and calculated my calories for the day and I started two mornings ago. Wow! What a difference in my attitude and my outlook and my spiritual and physical endurance. I am down 1.8 pounds in that time and can’t wait to keep going.

  17. mom2po– We are praying for you and all others who are “restarting”. Return the favor when those of us who lost this go round have weeks where we need to hit that ‘restart’ button!!!

  18. My scale didn’t move—better than going back up!! I’m a teensy weensy sad I missed my short-term goal that was due today, but just 2#! But I think those won’t be there next week.
    I did so-so for Thanksgiving. I ate in moderation, didn’t overflow my plate, took a little of everything, and yes, I did eat pie. I ate it and I loved it! It was worth it, I only get this special pumpkin pie once a year. And I ate that in moderation, too. Only a little at a time.

    Cheryl! I will be thinking of you on Fri. Wow, that is going to be hard! Even their half slices of cheesecake are YIKES! :( I laughed at that chicken dish name. Yeah, who did think of that?? They must not work for the Factory anymore. LOL Maybe you can starve yourself Fri?? OH, no, that would be awful, you’d overeat at dinner! Hhhhmmmm…I bet one of our WLW Sistahs will have some great tips.

  19. Thnaksgiving was a struggle, but I learned two good lessons. Don’t eat just anything because I think it will taste good. I had pie last week that really wan’t that good. If I had looked closer I would have seen it was store bought and I don’t like that as much as homemade. Nothing worse than consuming calories that aren’t as tasty as you would like. The other was that after eating healthier (replacing most of the sugar in my diet with more vegetables) for about a month, that extra fat and sugar was really hard on my system. Food is easier to avoid if you think it will upset your stomach.
    Last week after the scale wasn’t reflecting my hard work as much as I wanted, I decided to focus on body changes. This week I can say my watch is looser. Not a great difference for others to see, but I know. I am now looking forward to my hands shrinking a bit, so that I can get my rings off.

  20. Congratulations, Karen, and to all others who stuck to their plan. As I suspected, the day after Thanksgiving was my hard day. My husband made a total of three unbelievable cakes last week and I ate cake. More of it than I had agreed with myself I would. To that, I add a couple of skipped workouts because I’m sick. I’m up 1 pound from last Wednesday but I consider that a blessing considering my week.

    Focusing this week on getting back into my routine (eating/exercise) and being obedient. I have a trip to the Cheesecake Factory in front of me on Friday night (hubby’s birthday, his choice). I don’t know if you’ve looked at their menu but there don’t seem to be any great choices. Of course, there is the “weight management chicken”–who in the world named that dish? I would appreciate prayers and any suggestions you might have about handling this outing. My husband is willing to split an entree, but he will want his own slice of cheesecake. And my two favorite desserts in the whole world? Poundcake and cheesecake.

  21. Congrats on your loss this week, Karen!
    Found you via Melissa Taylor on FB – she was a speaker at our women’s retreat a few years ago.
    I’m joining today … and have fifteen pounds I want/need to lose.
    I’ve been trying to lose it the past year, thought I could do it on my own, but it’s not happening – I need accountability.
    I am active – walk/run/bike, but I don’t make the best food choices all the time and/or my portions are too large.
    Losing this weight will benefit me in many ways – naming that my legs will have less to carry. I was badly injured in an accident 5 years ago – I’ve recovered, but live with severe scars/limitations/pain and know that weighing less will help me!

    So here I go … making a food plan, because it sounds like a plan is the best way to do it!

  22. Congrats Karen!

    and hopefully congrats to the rest of you out there.

    I did loose one pound, which for me is good. I loose very slow. I stuck to my plan and ate stuffing and not potatoes. The other thing I tried was a small plate, so I did not fill up on lots of extras.

    I kind of blew it on Saturday when the kids and I went to a movie and out for pizza though. But afterwards when ever I was tempted I just remembered all of you who were giving up all of the junky food and said, hey I don’t need it either.

    Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for all your encouraging words last week. We can do this!

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