Weight Loss Wednesday Quick Check In

Hey ladies :-) Most of you know I am in the middle of a series of giveaways with 12 of my fellow Proverbs 31 speakers. However, I didn’t want us to skip checking in this week. Especially with all the tempting foods starting to pop up all over.

I mean ALL over.

Everywhere I go, I see fudge and cookies and gingerbread lattes. Stores are handing out samples to shoppers. Friends are baking and sharing goodies. Grandma’s are making caramels and peanut brittle. Even my 11 year old keeps asking to make Christmas cookies.

Oh, and next Tuesday, (the Tuesday that is right before the Wednesday that we weigh in—-yep that Tuesday) I am holding a baking day with several of Kenz’s college and high school friends.  

Boy, do I need to be on my toes and on my knees.

We all do. And we need to be faithful to pray for each other.

Hard. Real hard.

Although it is difficult to lose weight over the holidays, it is NOT impossible. Just keep this phrase in mind:

Less. And less often.

Eat less goodies and eat them less often. So, what that might look like is this: instead of indulging yourself  all day long on your cookie baking/ fudge making day, tasting and sampling and licking the bowl, plan ahead. Tell yourself you will NOT nibble all day long. You will instead pick one goodie to enjoy slowly at the end of the baking session. And that will be it!

Then the next two or three times you are near another array of goodies. You will take nothing. Instead, you’ll sip on something hot and lo-cal and pass on the treats. After all, you just indulged in a treat a few days earlier.

Less. And less often.

Make it your motto this season.

Now, how was your week? Did you eat less? Move more? Did you watch those BLT’s? (bites, licks and tastes?) Did the scale go up? Down? Hover around the same number as last week?

Please let us know! And hop on to encourage each other. I LOVE seeing that happen.

Hmmmm…and I may just have a little giveaway for one such encourager this week :-)

As for me, it was  a good week. Praise Jesus, it was one of those weeks that I obeyed and didn’t just do my own thing, eating whatever I wanted, even when I wasn’t hungry. I made time for exercise and didn’t go over my allotted calories. However, I wasn’t expecting a big loss since over the past three weeks I had lost a good chunk each week. I sensed I might slow down a bit this week.

I was right. This week I lost 1 pound on the button. (I like to think of it as 4 sticks of butter. That’s a lot of fat!!!)

Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Now, your turn….

How was your week?

Less-is-More Blessings,


  1. I am just excited to find this website. I could use the support in my weightloss efforts. I haven’t been able to stick to a plan for a long time, but I really need to lose about 30 pounds.

  2. April 7 2010 @ 12:56 pm

    Hi I am brand new to this blog. I have constantly struggled with being overweight. God is teaching me to see myself through His eyes. I have joined an excellent weight loss program, and just this week our meeting topic was on reaching out for support. I have been praying for new support pals and now I have found some! Isn’t God Good?!! I am believing I will get off my weight and keep it off. Not through beating myself up, as I have in the past, put rather through learning to look in God’s mirror and see myself as He sees me. I have a weight loss goal of 56 lbs. I have lost 8.6 in the last 3 weeks. I know the journey may be long and full of bumps, but I also know each mile and bump will bring me closer to God and hopefully to some of you! May God bless you on the journey. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Hang in there sisters, when we trust Him, God always comes through for us!!

  3. Love P31 devotionals. Trying to get back to wise food choices after a week of vacation. Will check back to see how others are doing. http://www.sparkpeople.com is a great free tool for those who need a food/calorie tracker. With their tools, and the wonderful Christian friends I’ve found in the community, God has enabled me to lose 1/4 of my body weight and get healthy again!

  4. Hi! I read the Proverbs 31 womens devotionals through my email. I am wanting to join the Wednesdays weightloss encouragement group but can’t figure out how to do it on my computer!! ha ha

    I’m a Pastors wife in California, and have struggled with my weight for years. Up then down, and then up again. I have about 40 pounds to shed and have done 20 the past years but don’t go past that. I am currently up again……..and smiled when I read your devotional this morning. I know the Lords timing is perfect and feel HIS love come down through you! sign me up! Barby

  5. oh please please tell me how i can join your weight loss group please please im 62 and way way overweight i weigh 350 and im desperate and i cant do it alone i quit smoking 5 years ago and gained 60 lbs i have no one to help me here thats why im so excited about your group ; thank you

  6. This is the first time checking in. I stumbled upon your website because I follow Lisa on Twitter. God does answer our requests–even the unspoken ones. I was thinking some time ago if only I could be accountable for my eating. This time of year is just so difficult. And then I hurt my back and I am off work for a week without pay. I am upset about that. Upset makes me feel depressed. Depressed makes me want to eat. And because I hurt my back I am unable to do any type of activity. Your site really lifted my spirits today. Oh, and then my husband gets us a real tree (last Sunday) and it is still in my living room undecorated. I still have shopping to do but because of being off work my Christmas money is needed for when I am supposed to get paid. Plus my son is over in Afghanistan–and I am missing him big time. Thank you for having this site–I really needed to write my feelings down. I know that God is with me and there is reason. Here is to hope. And here is to a better next week.

  7. Well, if it’s okay with you ladies, I’m jumping on the wagon a bit late. I lost 40 lbs over the past year but it was with a diet that I just couldn’t keep up as a lifestyle. Now that I’m back to eating regular foods, I see that the weight is coming back on, 10lbs so far, since I never learned to moderate my intake. Portion control is a big problem, as well as turning to food when tired and/or stressed. I’m praying for self-control, to turn to God when I’m anxious or need spiritual refreshment, and to take better care of the beautiful body he gave me.

    I’m still catching up on your old posts to learn what tips you have shared thus far. Many blessings to all in your quest for weight loss success and doing a little ‘maintenance’ on the temple of the Holy Spirit!

  8. Hi again, just have to say something to Vicki, I do know how you feel about looking at yourself in the mirror, and hating what you see. I feel like that a lot, but in order for us to be successful and put in all the work that we need to do, we have to love who we are. That is one thing I get from the biggest looser. I think it is true too. If you don’t you might not think that it is worth it to exercise and eat right. Another thing is that God, loves us no matter what, and if he does than we should too. Another thing to remember is something someone else said on this site last week. Our bodies are temples for God, so we need to treat them right and eat healthy. And remember every one on this site is pulling for you to succeed. Hang in there.

  9. My word for the week is RESTART.

    Good to hear of losses, even little ones, in this challenging time of year. Zenice: We are happy to hear you are fitting in that chair! Vicki: Thank you for your prayers. Be encouraged that you are excercising so regularly; that takes discipline!

    Thanks, Karen, for reminding us that every pound counts!

    Less + Less = Fewer Pounds
    Off to a better week.

  10. Way to go girls. Sounds like so many of you did a great!! I’m so proud of you all for staying at it. I’m afraid I’m up 2. And sitting at my desk after of company Christmas dinner of turkey, ham, green beans, corn, dressing, potatoes, rolls, cheescake, and I ate to bursting. I’m VERY discoraged with myself this week. I can’t seem to bring any focus to eating better at all. I excercise 5 days a week, but I have for several years now so that’s nothing new. I’ve been within a couple pounds of my current weight for months. I have a good 50 lbs to lose and really 70 would be best, but I’m completely overwelmed by it all and really hate the person looking at me from my mirror. But I’m here and every morning I start over again. I look forward to Wednesday’s. Today, I’m making a list of each of the posted names and will be praying for us all!! Have a great day and thanks for being here.

  11. I stayed the same again this week but considering the Christmas parties and goodies I have been exposed to I feel I did okay though it would be nice to see the scale come down.

    I hope everyone has a good week.

  12. Debbie don’t give up, even if you aren’t perfect you will do better than if you don’t keep track at all.

    I stayed the same, need to refocus.

    Good Luck to you all.

  13. Thank you ladies for you encouraging words. And sharing from your hearts.

    It has been a rough week for me. I have not been keeping track of what I am eating and I have been snacking on anything I can find.

    Praying this week will be better.

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